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resampling that locks to the bar as it plays

rpc9943rpc9943 New York usaPosts: 169
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Simply put, we can resample things only after the deluge is set to stop, and pressing rec+play twice. This idea would resample the same way except while playing. This would be for song mode, not arranger (but a cool arranger resampling could be neat too).
Not sure what key combo or solution, but it would be really nice to have. Also if I decided to slave deluge, I have no way to resample in a way that locks to the bar, because it has to be set to master. Thanks for considering!

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    do you meant that you want to record a quantised audio loop while in play mode (currently it just works when deluge is stopped)?

    if yes: +100!

    the currently behaviour is useless for me, i never used it (though i really would like to use it). when the deluge is stopped it never would record the desired result, because fx (reverb, delay...), adsr (release) and long notes which past over the end of the loop... all this will not recorded.

    the deluge need to be in play mode to record things like this correctly.

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    NorisNoris AustriaPosts: 38

    Absolutely need an option to record whole bars while deluge is playing.

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