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Automatic midi cc learn for gold knobs possible? (i.e. not having to manually choose the CC number)

atimchakatimchak Chicago, ILPosts: 26

Hi all - I went through the videos and manual in detail this weekend. I know that you can record knob changes automatically on an external synth into a midi track (for example - yamaha DX200 midi out -> deluge midi in, filter cutoff knob sweep will be recorded into the midi track.)

What I thought was possible, that you could touch a gold knob, hold learn, then turn an external synth knob, and the gold knob would then be assigned to that synth parameter. Essentially I was hoping to avoid going to all my synth manuals to find the appropriate corresponding midi cc number when I could just have the deluge learn another way. And in theory this should be possible since it already does record any midi cc parameter change into a midi track.

To simplify: is there away to use a midi learn function so that the gold knobs can learn to control a particular CC track without assigning the cc number manually.

Hope that makes sense.

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