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crashes/freezing when changing presets

ELEVENELEVEN Zagreb, CroatiaPosts: 60

a thing that happened a couple of times was that when cycling presets in a song with plenty of tracks, the deluge would keep playing a given sound's effect tail after i've cycled through it.. sort if like a drone that doesn't die until i load a new song/load the same song again.
another thing that happened yesterday was that this time the deluge froze completely, no sound coming out and on the display there was the current preset number, and a dash in the lower left corner.
the only solution was to turn it off and on again, after that it worked as usual.
the track wasn't especially "heavy" with a drum track and 8 synth voices w/effects
for me this is NOT a huge issue since i won't be changing any presets during live shows, but i think it should be looked into..
any response is much appreciated 🙂


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    amiga909amiga909 Central EuropePosts: 1,066

    probably hard to look into if the errors cannot be reproduced. if u can reproduce the error you can send Rohan a mail directly, with the XML files, he seems always to be happy to fix freezes.

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    ELEVENELEVEN Zagreb, CroatiaPosts: 60

    my bad! the sd card was the culprit with only 18 mb of free space 😁
    its a wonder it worked at all!
    problem solved

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