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Anyone slaved Deluge via the Trigger Clock input from a standard audio interface output?

six_waxsix_wax Posts: 38
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I'd record the trigger clock signal from the Deluge to my multitrack, and simply play it back to it.

Just want to confirm this satisfies the Deluge's voltage input requirements for the trigger clock and works as expected.

I'm planning to sync the Deluge to my multitrack recorder the same way I did my venerable Alesis MMT-8 ;)

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    MikeShogunaiMikeShogunai EdinburghPosts: 8

    If it is anything like the Expert Sleepers stuff, I believe you need a DC coupled audio interface... I could be wrong about this, I am no expert. But I have heard this mentioned before when clocking modular from an audio output. Hope that helps.

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