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Audio recording inputs

bat_cancerbat_cancer Baltimore Posts: 14
Hi all,
I have some questions about the deluge's line and mic input. I've plugged TS mono into both and recorded the sound. Sometimes I hear the recorded sound in both L/R side of the headphones but other times only in the left channel. Is there a way to plug a mono jack into the mic or line input and record to both left and right channels ? So that I'd hear the recording in both L/R channels of the headphones. Also will this behavior change if I am inputing a TRS cable ? If i plug in a stereo cable to the line input then it will record in stereo ? Is there a way to monitor the line input before you actually press record ? Is there a way to see the record level represented visually?


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    rohanrohan Staff Posts: 529

    Recording with a mono cable into line-in should record a mono file which you'd hear in both headphones. Is that not working for you?

    Input monitoring is a common feature request we're getting - I'd say it's fairly likely we'll add that is some new firmware in the not-so-distant future.

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