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Sequencer stops and restarts when all tracks are "unlaunched" (Shift+Launch)

StijeStije NetherlandsPosts: 14
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So we have 2 Deluge's in our studio and we are getting to know them but we had a strange problem yesterday.

2 Deluge's
1 is Master Clock via MIDI, other is Slave.

When the master Deluge has all tracks not launched but is playing. (So all track launch pads are red) And you Shift+Launch a track the Master Deluge does a "restart" which makes the 2nd deluge (or other midi slave equipment) also restart. This is only when all tracks are red and we only Shift+Launch 1 track.
That is not nice when you are playing live and 1 deluge is doing something (the slave) and the master does a random restart when using shift+launch then the slave equipment also restarts. Is this by design? Is it possible to turn this off?

Manual says:
If you wish to instantly start or stop a track, rather than arming it and waiting for it to begin or end, then hold down the shift button as you press its “launch” pad. If starting, the track will jump to the correct play-position so as to be in-time with the other tracks playing.

But what if no other tracks are playing on the master deluge?......

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    amiga909amiga909 Central EuropePosts: 1,078

    interesting. didnt know. if all tracks are deactivated Deluge does not seem to keep counting the play position, it is as its off, midi clock still running though. thread title could be more clear this is not about shift+launch per se, it is about Deluge kind of stopping the internal sequencer if all tracks are deactivated.
    agreed, it doesnt seem to be helpful. another use case would be to have 1 track in 1 song and u want to „fade in“ the track by filtering some parts with shift&mute .

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    minigoatminigoat cincinnati ohio usaPosts: 296

    Until its sorted out one way or another, maybe you could leave a one bar "dummy" blank track running, to keep launch in time.

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    StijeStije NetherlandsPosts: 14
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    yes standalone it is not a problem.....but syncing other stuff would need a dummy bar

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    atimchakatimchak Chicago, ILPosts: 28

    I am glad someone brought this up - the Deluge is my master clock and my TR8S kept restarting once I unmuted a track, and after spending a lot of time on this, the easiest solution is to have an empty dummy track ummuted to prevent it from happening. Because once the first is unmuted, I believe it generates a midi start message that all subsequent sequencers obey (in my case TR8S, Octatrack, machinedrum.) And the solution is simple and elegant, but you have to remember it when playing live!

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