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Effect audio from vsti (DAW) to the deluge gold effects knobs

ahmed113ahmed113 AustraliaPosts: 1

I've got a Yamaha MG10XU that serves as an audio interface as awell as a mixer, i've already got channels 7/8 set to my deluge channel which i patched to my deluge output (L/R), my mixer main usb out is on 9/10. I wanted to know how i can affect vsti instrument tracks from my DAW (Reaper) using the deluge gold knobs, because i really love the deluge effects its just so beautiful.
If it makes it any easier i have linked an image to the mixer below here:

Thanks so much!


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    ClemClem AUckLand Aotearoa NeuZEULOND Posts: 11

    So you have audio on a track in your DAW, and you want to use the Deluge to process that signal? If that's your aim check out the Live Audio Input section of the Deluge 2.0 manual, p45.

    Though I think it's going to be difficult with that mixer because as far as I can tell it only has a stereo main output, so you won't be able to separate out just the track you want to process in the deluge. You could solo it and record it back in to another track though ... would just need to mute the track your recording onto to avoid a feedback loop.

    If you just want to apply affects like delays, reverbs, LFOs etc you'd be better off just using ones within the DAW, but could be worthwhile if you're wanting to use some of the deluge's more involved sound mangling capabilities.

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