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Arpeggiator - Brownian Motion Algorithm

72versions72versions Auckland NZPosts: 30
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For sequences and/or arpeggiators.

After each step the pattern will randomly:
move to the next step (50% chance)
move to the previous step (25% chance)
repeat the current step (25% chance)>

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    workergrayworkergray Gulfport, FloridaPosts: 182

    Sure! Why not?

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    72versions72versions Auckland NZPosts: 30

    Exactly - why not?

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    gjvtigjvti Posts: 27

    I would prefer more organized custom arpeggio design if arpeggiator functionality ever gets revised. Basically there is another mode along up/down/... - user mode. When 'user' is selected grid represents not a track, but programmable arpeggio grid where one can set which note(s) in what order from incoming chord is/are played for particular step and perhaps probability and other parameters - best examples of this approach are Midibox Sequencer, Korg Triton series arpeggiator, Synthamster VST arpeggiator, Kirnu Cream arpeggiator and others. So, please, consider this too! ;)

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