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Arranger Pattern Dragging Sliding

Quixotic7Quixotic7 Point Richmond, CABeta Tester Posts: 13

Loving the new Arranger!! However, If I hold a pattern and scroll horizontally in arranger mode, I sometimes can't move it further left, only right. Wondering if this is a bug?


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    minigoatminigoat cincinnati ohio usaPosts: 296

    Not at my desk to test...but if i recall correctly, the arranger has a definite "starting" line that you cant go left past. If you want to create some time "from the top", you can do the shortcut where you create time and push the arrangment to the right. I dont recall the button combo. Hope that helps, if i understood your issue correctly, that is.

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    rohanrohan Staff Posts: 590

    Not quite a bug, but has confused a lot of people. You can't scroll left of 0, so there'll be a point where you can't do any more dragging. Going to make this easier in a future firmware update.

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    PascalPascal GermanyPosts: 2
    edited July 2018

    Pretty sure there is a bug involved. I can place instances of loops more to the left than i can shift instances.
    When in "1bar"-view in arranger mode, placing instances anywhere on the screen (16 bars) i can't shift them farer left then where i placed them.
    For example filling the whole first 16 bars (no more scrolling to the left possible) with instances, an then placing an instance of the next row, i cant shift it left past the point where i placed it. Placing one onto bar 8 i can shift it right, and then back but only to bar 8. Same with placing it in bar 11 for example.
    Although when scrolling all the way right (so that i only see bar 16 on the first column) when i place an instance in this first column (which would be bar 16 in the song) i can now shift it back to bar 1 of the song.
    So it seems shifting is dependend on the position on the "screen" and not the song.

    I hope i expressed myself clearly x)

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