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Midi Madness

YogiYogi GermanyPosts: 16

Some people think of midi parameter ranges as 0..127, others as 1..128, or even hexadecimal as 00H..7FH. Not a new problem, but still VERY confusing, sometimes. :s
The Deluge range for PGM, BANK and SUB is 1..128. My JD-Xi counts BANK MSB and SELECT=SUB LSB from 0..127. But the Roland Preset Tone Lists all start again with 1, Deluge compatible. :D
So if you want to connect external gear via midi, always check this first, to avoid frustration.... ;)
Is this something everyone should know, or would it make sense to change the BANK and SUB range? What about other synthesizers or expander?


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    AndrewMAndrewM Brisbane, AUBeta Tester Posts: 11

    As far as proper MIDI is concerned it should be displayed and stored as 0-127. The reason being is that when you send the data it is from 0-127 - If I set to 1 I expect to send 1 not 0. Most manuals will tell you the patch data based on zero as well. ...And most equipment I have experience with goes from zero (but not all :( ).

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    beakerbeaker AdelaideBeta Tester Posts: 44


    Alas this is just madness across nearly every bit of MIDI kit I've owned (a lot). There's simply no agreement on numbering between manufacturers. Its always 0-127 in the MIDI spec for all, but how it's displayed various.

    Even worse still, is that there's no alignment between how MSB/LSB (BANK/SUB) is used either. Some use both, one, none or even have their purpose reversed.

    If you really want to have you head explode on you - see how Yamaha does BANK assignments. It's like they pull a random number out of a bag. And then, they don't even use consecutive PGM numbers for consecutive patches.

    Personally, I think Deluge has done it as good as it can be .. and for me, this time, I'm lucky as it matches what my NORD A1 displays (even then, Nord uses SUB and not BANK - for their 'BANK' value)


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    o0_o0_ SANTA MONICAPosts: 107

    Some piece of gear expect MSB/LSB/PC messages in a specific order, or else they throw a fit. It's nice when the sequencer is capable of sending those messages in any order.

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