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Problem with sync to DAW

MoonWolfMoonWolf United KingdomPosts: 50

I have tried to sync my Deluge up with my DAW (FL Studio) for the first time, and it just won't work.
No clock sync, and no start/stop.
I've tried this using both USB and MIDI in on the Deluge, and have tried every MIDI interface available to me.
It's a real puzzle, because the Deluge will sync OK to other devices, and other devices sync OK to the DAW.
Any ideas, anyone?


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    chaosWyrMchaosWyrM nyPosts: 5

    mine synced up to fl studio right away (i have other issues though). did you go into the midi settings in fls and enable the deluge s a controller?

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    MoonWolfMoonWolf United KingdomPosts: 50
    edited June 2018

    @chaosWyrM said:
    mine synced up to fl studio right away (i have other issues though). did you go into the midi settings in fls and enable the deluge s a controller?

    Yes, I did. Still no joy with it.
    I actually have it working, after a fashion, by syncing to MIDI output on my Novation SL Remote, which is synced to FL Studio. Latency is bad though, and still no start/stop... :(

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    HolidayHoliday CanadaPosts: 53

    Not sure but I know start/stop messages need to be enabled to be received by the Deluge or the DAW, however you wish to control those functions.

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    chaosWyrMchaosWyrM nyPosts: 5
    edited June 2018

    hmmm.....i have a novation remote sl also.

    heres how mine is set up. i have transport and midi all working "properly". quotes because its pretty finicky and i have to redo some settings if i turn things off and back on again. also some projects dont behave as expected after loading them and i have to tweak stuff to get it right again.....anyway:

    novation usb midi to computer/midi out to deluge

    deluge usb midi to computer/midi in from remote sl/midi out to hw synths (set midi thru - on)

    fl studio midi options settings:

    midi out - sync port 0
    2-sl mkii - sync port 0
    deluge - sync port 0
    send master sync - on

    2-sl mkii novation remote sl enable
    deluge generic controller enable

    auto accept detected controller on
    support hold and sostenuto on

    leave all right side ports/channels blank
    ::edit:: DO set a port # for the deluge....if you dont you wont be able to lock the instruments to receive notes from the deluge on specific midi channels

    and thats it. as i mentioned....its all working pretty much as it should. transport functions correctly and latency isnt a problem. did you remember to turn on the "send master clock" setting in the output section?

    you dont really need the midi from the novation through the deluge unless you plan on not going through fls all the time. this way you can use fls as just an audio out for your hw and not need the midi out plugin in the channel rack. if you go straight usb midi...youll need the midi out plugin.

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    MoonWolfMoonWolf United KingdomPosts: 50

    Thanks, yes, that's pretty much what I doing.
    I'm happy to say that following recent updates of FL, Deluge and Win 10, that everything is now working as I believe it should. I still have no idea what the original problem actually was, but hey, it's ok (for) now...

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