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shift+modulation source shows modulated parameters(pads blink)

ELEVENELEVEN Zagreb, CroatiaPosts: 36

Currently, when you use a shortcut for a sound parameter(or select it in the menu), the grid shows you which sources are modulating it(the source pad blinks).
It would be fantastic if it worked the other way around - you shift-press a modulation source's pad and any parameters that are being modulated by it start blinking. It would be much easier to find out which modulations are active, given that there are only eight sources - and many, many sound parameters. I believe that this would be most helpful

Also it doesn't seem it would be cpu-intensive or difficult to implement..I'm not a programmer though 🙂


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    manateemilitiamanateemilitia Austin, TXPosts: 58

    I would love this feature.

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    PuppeteerPuppeteer Perth, West OzPosts: 31

    The destinations would need to blink in another colour though, as you can modulate a source with another source, which blinks in white already.

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    amiga909amiga909 Central EuropePosts: 871

    nice idea. there should a better way to quickly locate all recorded automation in a clip. and step edit
    also, please more editable params. there are:

    • Synth, Kit row params (accessible via pad shortcut or Select knob)
    • Song affect-entire effect params (automate Stutter in step edit mode!)
    • Kit affect-entire effect params
      The last two can be recorded in realtime but dont have any edit mode.
      The pad shortcuts could work for the last two as well but i dont see Synthstrom releasing a new overlay soon.
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    iFreilichtiFreilicht GermanyPosts: 35

    YES! This makes total sense in the way the grid functions are set up. Right now SHIFT + Modsource does nothing, which was not what I expected when I tried it the first time.

    This would be super useful in understanding patches better, as there is way fewer sources to go through while analysing than destinations.

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    Topo_ChrisGTopo_ChrisG San FranciscoPosts: 6

    +1! I was thinking the exact same thing. Right now it's pretty hard to dig into someone else's patch and figure out what's going on. I'd love to quickly be able to find out "Hmm what is LFO1 modulating?".

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    ELEVENELEVEN Zagreb, CroatiaPosts: 36

    thanx for your comments and interest guys 😊

    it would also be helpful in understanding your own patches, i've had these things happen to me more than once.
    also very useful for learning new "tricks"

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    ELEVENELEVEN Zagreb, CroatiaPosts: 36


    please vote for this nice feature suggestion if you like, thank you!

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    EddyEddy ColognePosts: 213

    this would be a nice way of understanding patches!

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    I also miss this feature.

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