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Odd time signatures, cross-screen


I'm doing odd time signatures by setting odd track lengths, e.g., for a 7/8 piece, a one-measure track is shortened a half-beat from the default to 14 16th notes. This gets awkward for longer tracks, where (at the default zoom level) the second measure starts on the last two columns of the first screen, the third measure starts with the last four columns of the second screen, etc. This also makes cross-screen useless, as screens no longer align with a consistent musical unit.

Is there a better way to do odd times? Is there a hack for getting cross screen to be as useful for a track in an odd time as it is for common time?


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    GentleGGentleG NetherlandsPosts: 6


    for 5/8 , 6/8 & 7/8 I would like a solution like the triplets view
    so maybe: hold [triplets view] and turn to set time signature

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    pfrfpfrf ca, u.s.a.Posts: 87

    Why is this thread marked “answered”? I’m interested to know what that answer was since it isn’t posted. OP, did you get a PM or something?

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    amiga909amiga909 SwitzerlandPosts: 579

    forum hacked? i see in loads of threads loads of “edited” in red color. cant remember seeing that much.

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    duelinmarkersduelinmarkers Austin TX USPosts: 42

    I think a reply is considered an answer by default. When I logged in just now, each reply was followed by a "Does this answer the question?" I gave each a "No," and now I'm guessing you'll no longer see it marked "Answered."

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    duelinmarkersduelinmarkers Austin TX USPosts: 42
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    @GentleG said:

    for 5/8 , 6/8 & 7/8 I would like a solution like the triplets view

    I think this is best approach.

    I just played around with triplets view for 6/8 and thought it seemed fine. (To get to what I think is the truest representation I first doubled a blank track's length so I was zoomed to 8th notes, then turned on triplets view, then zoomed back out to 16th notes.) Have you found problems with this?

    so maybe: hold [triplets view] and turn to set time signature

    Thats a great idea! An alternative would be Shift-Triplets.

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    VJFranzKVJFranzK Los Angeles USAPosts: 107

    Right! I have thought this also, while doing 5 and 7 Beat things.
    Might as well have each bar on one "screen" so we know what's happening

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    poldensteinpoldenstein italyPosts: 37

    Yes, working in odd time signatures and with polyrhythms gets problematic as soon as complexity is increased. Try putting together a few odd clips in arranger view and see what I mean. Probably the best way to display odd bars would be like in triplets view, using a white column to mark end of bar.

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