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  • @o0_ said: full video coming once I've got everything edited together... Looking forward to this video! My Deluge has some issues with fading lettering, Rohan offered to let me send it in to replace the face plate but I'm picky about my g…
  • Everything is internal synth except for the drums, which are one of the stock kits. A couple of the sounds I created from new, a couple were stock synth presets, and one was from a pack of 200 presets someone posted here.
  • Got an email from Rohan last night, in regards to some other questions I had, but I did ask about the 2.0 update as well and he mentioned I could go to the FB for the beta test but then he said "we're going to be releasing in the next few days anywa…
  • Some great tips on this video that I didn't think of, like ways to use the mod matrix on drum sounds to get great variation. Thanks for posting this!
  • I too had planned on replacing and selling the Circuit but I have decided to keep it. There is something about the workflow that makes the Circuit more fun and immediate for me, plus I feel less worried throwing the Circuit in a bag when I leave the…
  • Thank you for this, Sam! I'll give these steps a go when I get some time. I really needed this to help wrap my head around how to make more interesting sounds.
    in LFOs? Comment by bast525 June 2018
  • Yep, I swapped out for a SanDisk I had laying around
  •!W3wymIpY!NAXaVOCbaZxQOn5HkioKlQ!DywhgA4L In the original release folder. I had a corrupt SD card and found the factory SD card images here
  • Make no mistake, I LOVE my Deluge. I do not regret my purchase at all. Oddly, I am seeing NO issues with any of the printing on the areas I do touch all the time, on any of the buttons, just the printing along the top. Overall this is a really aweso…
  • I'm having this issue as well. I received my Deluge about a week ago and the print across the top is half worn off on the midi and CV labels. I don't really touch that area that I'm aware of but I can say for certain it was not like that when first …
  • I tried again just now and is working now. I'm using chrome but last night I had also tried IE with no luck
  • This link doesn't seem to work either. I click the "slow download" button, and it says the download has started, but nothing ever downloads.
  • @Sam said: Does that make sense? It's a tricky one to describe so if you're having trouble with it I can quickly run through the workflow I vote yes for this I've been struggling a bit to fully understand the mod matrix and LFOs. I've h…
    in LFOs? Comment by bast525 June 2018
  • @amiga909 said: actually note release is not cut anymore 😀 there still is a cut if you have a note that starts before track end and ends after track begin. so on track mute all fx and envelopes still sound, but a note off is triggered. not optima…
  • So, if a note/voice has a very long release set on the envelope, the track is stopped, the note is no longer being played, but the tail end of the note should still be audible because of the envelope release. This is how it will work in 2.0?