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  • *disclaimer I am working on MIDI 2.0 specification within the MMA One of the new features being worked on by the MIDI Association is a thing called Property Exchange which provides manufacturers with a set of standard SysEx messages for managing a…
  • This is very exciting news It's worth noting that the MIDI Association have reformed the MPE working group to improve MPE support amongst devices as many devices have incomplete support. Will the Deluge be supporting Pitchbend Sensitivity as re…
  • As far as proper MIDI is concerned it should be displayed and stored as 0-127. The reason being is that when you send the data it is from 0-127 - If I set to 1 I expect to send 1 not 0. Most manuals will tell you the patch data based on zero as well…
  • @alien_brain said: if you think about it, this would be impossible. With existing MIDI Specs yes this would be difficult agreed - with the MIDI-CI specs being developed there is ways this could be done. I can see how the Deluge could abso…
  • If Synthstrom engineers are interested in this, then can I suggest they get involved in MIDI-CI There is a lot going on with …
  • Rohan - thanks for the clarification! - But I agree it would be nice in 2.0 if this kind of continuous controllers could be linked I guess I like the idea of what I do to one track also happens on the other if it's a clone. Maybe a differentiation…
  • This is something I'd like to see where several tracks are attached to the one synth/drum engine. It's like the MIDI tracks where 2A, 2B etc all go to the one external synth
  • Thanks both for answers Just quickly when you clone a track. Is it possibly to clone the track, erase the pattern and then copy just the pattern in from say an older track. I guess what I'm looking is a way to just copy setting between tracks.