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  • I just received my Deluge back from the Netherlands with the OLED upgrade. Awesome and fast work from your service partner (Majella). Thanks to everyone at Synthstrom for taking this route with the Deluge! I am very happy and super impressed w…
  • Yeah... I can play out of most situations, it is just an abrupt stop that I need to mask somehow. I have experimented with mapping a Play/Stop command and a sample to the same pedal. It works, but some of my songs are with only acoustic instrume…
  • Thanks Too_Mere! That is basically what I have been doing, I'm using a Boss FV-500L as an expression pedal through the Nektar Pacer to the Deluge. The main problem with that is, there is no way to map it to the last loop you have recorded when y…
  • Either way, thanks for the input Reza!
  • Nice ideas there Reza, it seems like it would work for the vocal/spoken samples, but most of the time I am looping the instruments live and the instrument sound is what I want to fade out. If I let the "backing tracks" genie out of the bottle, it w…
  • Thanks for the reply Reza, I am using Ableton live in this video, but it shows why a manual fadeout would be a bit tricky for me. In this case the fade out is quite long, I trigger it at 6:39. The controller triggers the star trek sample and ac…
  • OK.... I figured a fairly convoluted process. I mapped the same midi switch to the oscillator 1 level of each sample in the kit using a CCtoggle command. (0-127) The problem was; at first the Deluge responded in a super weird way. Every time …
  • @jensg said: How long would you like this fade-out to be? And how would you like to control it? I'd like it to last a few bars and control it with a midi switch on the Nektar Pacer. Or possibly trigger it near the end of the loop and ha…
  • @jensg said: Put it in a kit, loop it and have a longer decay? Thanks for the input jensg, But it doesn't really fit with what I am doing. I am playing instruments and looping live, so there isn't time to put the audio clip into a kit. My…
  • Thanks Too_Mere! I hadn't thought of using the line in as an oscillator for this purpose! Thanks a million, that should work. Cheers man!
  • @Too_Mere said: It sounds like your loop command was trying to loop the MIDI/kit track. This happens because the LOOP command makes a new clip to loop whichever track that was last selected. Enter and exit the audio clip to avoid this. Th…
  • If this is the wrong place for this question, let me know and i will remove it. I also posted it in the "Ask a question" section. Thanks David