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  • Regarding the Sensel Morph: Here is the announcement and more importantly the FAQ in case you are considering buying a used one (should you find one that is). Unfortunately, there will be no more software updates and the code will not be open…
  • Many, many thanks!! @rohan would it be possible to either zip the bin file or add a checksum on the website/release notes, to make sure that we do not end up with corrupt files? I also second @DrLucidious comment. Either via a pack or donation…
  • @CAD said: Good call ... I was trying to remember the name of this one. Looks very customizable and about the size of giant mousepad. The video on their website shows it being used as a drumstick pad in one example ... I would like to …
  • @WardOTR said: I'm currently testing with the Linnstrument. I don't believe that it sends a MCM to Deluge. So far I have it working for Deluge synths with (In> Lower > 8) and (In> Upper > Off). Having a bit of trouble getting t…
  • @lordofallbadgers said: Nope. I dunno how to do it (automator routine)... aaargh. I think I'm clever at this kind of thing... humbled again! If still relevant for you, a file renamer would do exactly this kind of thing, renaming a bunch o…
  • Thank you very much Rohan, Is it possible to add a hash to the firmware announcement posts, so that we can verify the integrity of the downloaded file?
  • For my deluge with the Decksaver, I opted for a cheap Laptop bag, the Tucano Loop I found at a local computer store I find it fits nicely. Here are some pics:
    in Case? Comment by theows August 2020
  • Hi all, I got the adhesive laptop stand from MOFT (the first on the list): Bought from the european dealer while I was shopping for a 2nd levit8 (great to elevate stuff, like my Linnstr…