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  • @reza said: if there are no other clip lanes, whatever is recorded into that audio clip will set the BPM of the song. to properly close the recording (in song view), you actually hit the mute pad of the clip. if you have another clip in song mode…
  • @reza said: if there's another clip that exists and is unmuted in your project, then you can press the your audio track's mute button right before the end of the 4th bar and it will close perfectly at the end of the 4th bar. Yes, problem …
  • @Heptagen said: @discorules hold the white pad of the variation and press 'song' YES, thank you !
  • Still on the 'shift + pad' feature, how do you creation a new variation, but instead of this being white, it gets a new color so it goes to the song mode also ?
  • Also, the fact that when in song mode, if you click on the audition pad you see a 'INFI' instead of the track name, makes things worse... the only way i know to see the track name in song view is by holding a pad on the sequencer but doing this, oft…
  • Thanks for the info guys , will try that ! In the arranger view, Is there any 'shortcut' to go the correspondent track in song view ? My song view is a mess, i never can find anything there until i search for a minute or two lol
  • @reza said: ok, to achieve this is different given some variables. you should record your external synth into an audio clip. in this case you should not be resampling because it's easier to get a perfect 4 bar loop recorded from an audio c…
  • @reza said: im assuming you are trying to resample while in clip view of the kit. to begin resample, hold RECORD first then PLAY, now you don't have to worry about hitting the buttons at the same time. then repeat the same record+play (hold recor…
  • @ceetronic said: If you hit the mute button for that clip row just after you have started recording it will stop recording at the end of the clip. Thanks for replying, i tried this, but did not work ; if i mute the clip, it stops to playi…
  • Can you set quantization AFTER a track is recorded ? Let's say you recorded unquantized and want to apply sublte quantization, for instance.
  • @Heptagen said: A better solution from discord: solution: set sample to cut. place it on sequencer, find where you want the delay to start (ie. 6th pad). cut off the sample a pad before where you want the FX applied (trim the length o…
  • Sure it helped, i did not know of the 'shift + pad' feature, thanks !
  • And one more bonus :-D 4 - Any shortcut to jump for where the white cursor is playing at the moment, instead of zooming out and using the <> knob to find it ?
  • I forgot one : 3 - Any shortcut to go back to the very first parf of the arranger, instead of zooming out and using the <> knob to go back ?
  • @Icoustik said: To save a synth/ kit, hold Save and press synth or kit button. Make sure to confirm the save after selecting save slot/ writing a name. To load a synth/ kit, hold Load and press synth or kitt button, then navigate to the pr…
  • Thanks, it worked except for midi tracks, show the midi channel instead. No lucky in naming midi tracks ?
  • Thank you very much ! :-D Another ones, please : * Is there a way to see the numeric value of the parameter on the gold knob ? If i want two tracks to have exact the same parameter, sometimes is hard only checking by the leds. * How can i…
  • Nevermind, it was just my Analog Rytm playing the exact same pattern 🤦‍♂️
  • Sorry, you meant the mutes on the arranger, now it worked, thanks !
  • Actually i tried muting the synth on song mode, but it still receives the notes even muted. Any other way to mute the incoming midi signal for a specific channel ?
  • @Too_Mere said: If you can’t easily switch MIDI channels on your MIDI keyboard, I’d recommend using the mutes in arranger view. They mute incoming MIDI signals, so if you mute the synth or MIDI tracks you aren’t using atm it should work for what …