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Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Third Party Software for the Deluge

    I´ve started looking into making an editor (i´m a software developer), at this point i´m thinking standalone but also a VST version wouldn´t be unthinkable. The web editor is great but i really want to have direct connection with the machine and control over as many parameters as possible in real-time.
    I´m hesitating a bit since Deluge is quite simple to program on it´s own, but i think sometimes using an editor gives a better overview. Will keep you posted.

  • See Deluge as Drive - Edit over USB

    Ok, i´m convinced now that i´ve thought about it a bit more and read your comments. Some solid points there and i agree with you - USB editing would indeed be a nice feature if i were to work more with samples, which i figure most people do.
    So i take back my previous post and claim the opposite!

  • Case?

    And for us who doesn´t use facebook and don´t plan to start, what´s the general suggestion? (please?)
    I´m looking for some kind of deluge protection, to have when i travel.

  • Battery is dead

    I´ve had some weird battery issues aswell, but suddenly it´s ok again.
    The device went black / dead for a while after being left on overnight and connected to USB power, and to the rest of my studio equipment. In the morning i found it lit up, but unresponsive and some weird noise sounding from it. Unplugged it and restarted which worked once but with buggy behaviour. Switched it off and let if charge normally (usb adapter straight from the wall power) and after a few hours it started normally.
    Since then i have only charged it from power socket via USB adapter, and don´t leave it on for lengths of time.
    No problems after that.

  • Mmmm synths....

    My favourite synth is my MonoMachine; i´m a sucker for FM gear and weird digital synths in general but this one stands out. Off topic - also, my favourite drum machine is my Tempest. :)