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  • New Cycles - live performance

  • My first track for 2 months

    I've not been in a great place recently but feeling much better! I woke up and today and played for the first time in a while and this came out. I love the Deluge and my fellow Delugers!

  • Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon

    @Heptagen said:
    This is so cool, the samples create a very crucial and rich context for the music. I loved the first synth pad a lot.
    Also thanks for including some background about yourself, I hope things start to look better and brighter for you. :smile: Being able to create some uplifting music is a good sign.

    Thank you for your kind words! Over the past 3 months I feel I have become a strange synthetic being that lives to consume content and only communicates with 2D people. I NEED TO GET OUT lol Bring on the sun and hopefully a bit more freedom!

  • New Cycles - live performance

    Hey @Alder_Dice, I appreciate you taking the time to comment, I don't think I've ever had a response here!
    I have always enjoyed the melancholy side of music the most so it often finds it's way into my tracks :)

    New Cycles means new lifestyle loops for 2021. Not going so well considering we are hardly allowed to leave our houses these days lol

  • I've been trying to make this work out, she said

    Hey sorry to hear about your personal situation! If you have a passion for something (synths or anything else in life) and your partner won't allow you the space to pursue the thing you love, they probably have some growing to do.

    This part of the forum is for song submissions however it is cool to see your set-up, it looks like you have a lot going on! I also have to manage with a small space, looks like you have been trying to manage with that too. Take care!