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  • Keep an eye on little and logical issues, and complete functions

    oh i think same like you guys. hoping next update is a lot smoothing issues. for me song mode and change clone tracks is a lot unclear. and few more. but still faith! <3

  • instant launch of sections and solo tracks

    it would be great if we can launch sections instantly. same like tracks can be launched instantly by shift+mute/launch. in my case waiting until the end of the longest pattern isn’t often desired.

    same with solo tracks. mostly i just like to instantly check and solo a track without waiting.

  • instant loading of samples while browsing

    it would be nice if samples could be loaded instantly while browsing. in addition to the current way (one shot preview) this may be done by holding shift while browsing.

    very often i just like to replace a sample of a sequence. but if this is a short or quiet sample i can’t get an impression how this new sample would sound in that sequence.

    besides this it would be helpful if we can undo this replacement of the sample in case we like to return to the old sample which was loaded originally. this may be done by pressing back while holding shift in browser mode.

  • Cloned track with same synth

    i can confirm this behaviour between duplicated tracks. indeed it’s confusing and inconsistent. please make this more logical. thank you!

  • instant launch of sections?

    hi folks. like to ask if it’s possible somehow to launch sections instantly? a track can be launched instantly by shift+mute/launch, but a section? thanks.

  • More (or even all) paremeters MIDI controllable

    absolutely 1+
    don’t understand where the benefit is to make only a few parameter midi controllable?? the same for parameter automation, undo / redo commands, .... why rohan prefers to make this unnecessary limits?