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  • Screen to show exact value of parameter knobs.

    Would love to have the screen show a precise value for the parameter assigned to a parameter knob for certain things e.g. pitch/transpose, as i turn the assigned knob the exact transpose value appears on the screen. My ears are okay but not always pitch perfect. Also while I'm at it, would be cool if i could transpose a whole kit at once (good for putting tonal samples in key).
    Really loving this though, sooo happy i copped one.

  • Multiple audio track outputs via USB

    It would be amazing for mixdowns if the audio from Deluge internal tracks could be easily routed to their own respective tracks in a DAW.

  • Euclidian sequencing!

    Would love to have the option of euclidian sequencing where the user can select the number of "hits" and these are divided as equally as possible amongst the selected amount of steps

  • Multiple audio track outputs via USB

    Fair points, if Deluge gets to a place where it can mix tracks with precision (could even just be the values on the display or VU metering thing), and some type of compression / limiting or at least isolation / export of stems, then I would much prefer this option. Like lots of us I'm trying not to use my computers if it's feasible w/o sacrificing practicality. If it can all happen in the box then thats best for sure.
    Should also mention, I'm already super happy with Deluge, it's definitely the best piece of all round gear I've owned in forever, just nice to contribute to the update discussion when I know this isn't far from becoming a 100 percent DAW alternative.

  • Screen to show exact value of parameter knobs.

    @dest4b said:
    already proposed

    oops, my bad, thx