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  • Battery warning

    It would be very helpful to have a battery warning alert to avoid the Deluge suddenly switching off without warning. I received my unit yesterday and the only time I could try it out was late before going to bed. So I was siting on my bed jamming when suddenly the Deluge ran out of battery and switched itself of.

    Perhaps a warning could be implemented where the Deluge flashes all LED's (and does not respond to used action) for a few seconds when there is a certain amount of time remaining (5 minutes?). That would be enough to allow saving and hooking it up to a power supply before it's too late. Alternatively perhaps the Deluge could perform an auto-save of it's current state before it runs out of power although that might be a lot more difficult to implement.

  • Extend triplets view (Quintuplets, Heptuplets, etc.)

    It would be great to be able to extend triplets view to more quarter note subdivisions than just 3.

    Pressing shift-triplets view is currently unassigned and I would love to use it for switching to Quintuplets and Heptuplets (5 and 7) subdivisions. This could be extended further of course to 9, 11, 13, etc. if considered useful.

    Triplets view is a unique feature of the Deluge sequencer. I would love to be able to apply it to more adventurous subdivisions.

  • File Browser: audition files with loop turned on

    Playing around with Single Cycle waveforms [SCW] recently I realised that currently the Deluge's file browser auditiones files by playing them once. Whilst this is sufficient in most cases it is not useful for SCW.

    The Deluge automatically recognises SCW when loaded into oscillators and to have this functionality added to the file browser would be great.

    Currently one has to load a SCW first in order to hear what it sounds like. If the Deluge could preview it with loop set to on it would save an enormous amount of time.

    Apologies if this has been requested before - I searched via forum search as well as google and it did not come up.

  • Pad light brightness based on note velocity, velocity trim, and quick velocity settings

    Love the idea of velocity trim. This could perhaps be done by holding the relevant track button and turning velocity up or down (as as opposed to individual steps buttons). That way the current method could remain as it is.


    Than you very much, Rowan, Ian and everybody at Synthstrom. I am amazed to still be receiving significant updates such as this after so many years. I ordered my Deluge back in 2016 and did not expect active development to continue for half a decade after receiving it!

  • MIDI controller assignment option to access the selected / edited track

    Amazing! Looking forward to trying it - thanks so much!