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  • Extended ADSRs?

    I've uploaded a bunch of custom samples that I want to use for creating ambient music.
    Problem is - all the factory envelope parameters seem very limited in their range.
    Might it be possible (perhaps using a software editor, or something) to extend the range?
    Currently, the maximum Attack time, is really very short, less than a couple of seconds...

  • Did anyone replace the deluge wood cheeks with 3D printed - colourful - ones?

    Does this count as an alternate framework?????

    (I pedal to generate the power while I'm making music)

  • just created a video to show some really efficient Multi-sampling tricks....

  • Multisampling Hack using a DAW

  • custom user scales?

    @Icoustik said:

    @joesh said:
    I totally agree @manysounds, as you say there are not hundreds of scales. In fact, it's probably the weak point of the Deluge, and, something that could be easily fixed (I suspect). I wonder why we can't have the option to create a scale oneself - press 'scale' and hey presto, the Deluge puts them from low to high on the 8 note grid - exception, a pentatonic scale, but that could at least repeat with the first 3 notes an octave higher, etc.

    Anyhow, lets cross fingers, maybe one day this will be a standard feature ;)

    You CAN make custom scales, albeit locked to 7 notes, like you said.
    Hold an audition pad (in a synth clip) and hold & turn Select knob to sharpen or flatten notes in a scale, after setting a root note of choice.
    This is an alternative to what Syn44 said:
    "To make a user scale first select root note. Then get out of scale mode. Then enter the keys you want in the grid. Then press scale mode again then it will display either the scale it is in or it will say other."

    Damn you're helpful! thanks........Synthstrom should have you on retainer

    ...all the best......



  • PERFORMANCE ANXIETY - issues with the Deluge

    Thanks Ian.
    It was frustrating because otherwise, the machine has been a real joy.
    I tried having the long vocal audio sample as part of a kit (with other samples used in the track included), and then, tried a version where I had only the one, long sample in the kit.
    Neither of the options worked for me.

    I also tried to structure it so that vocal sample was the first thing that I triggered in the song, using it as the backbone.

    The sample stopped it's playback about 1 minute in, even though I had only a couple of other sounds happening, with very little processing (so there was no chance of exceeding a polyphony problem).

    It's possible that the issue was trying to stream quite a few different samples off the card at one time.

    Not sure.

    Either way, I ended up scrapping the whole thing - removing the contents from my SD card, and using another method to play the track at the event. Bummer, but not the end of the world.

    Thanks for contacting me.

    When I can find time, perhaps I'll try resurrecting the track and will update you to my experience.

    all the best

    Will Chapman



  • Seriously Unstable

    @Mr_Fork said:
    That was really good @Will . Did you do all the sound design on the Deluge itself? There were some really nice sounds in there. Very good ambient exploration. I found myself wanting to hear some downtempo drums in there at some points. All in all I very much enjoyed it. Keep up the good work.

    Yes, all the sounds are from the Deluge. None of my own samples, etc. no external fx.
    To be honest, I didn't expect the synth engine to offer such great interactive control, but it was a nice flow.
    I thought about adding some beats as well, but decided that leaving it without tempo reference, felt more mysterious...

  • FiLE FiLE FiLE FiLE (flashing display)

    When I browse through synth presets, the display shows 'FILE' - flashing for any slot that no longer has it's original sample available.
    I am constantly adding new sample folders, sometimes recreating samples with more useful settings, etc.
    It is frustrating and slow to have this display readout, as the scrolling progression stops during that time - really screws up workflow.

    Yes, I know that I could make notes of all the issues, go back into the card data and correct everything, but being that I'm changing things so often, it is a bit of a pain.

    just sayin'