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Middle of NowHere, Canada
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  • Extended ADSRs?

    I've uploaded a bunch of custom samples that I want to use for creating ambient music.
    Problem is - all the factory envelope parameters seem very limited in their range.
    Might it be possible (perhaps using a software editor, or something) to extend the range?
    Currently, the maximum Attack time, is really very short, less than a couple of seconds...

  • Did anyone replace the deluge wood cheeks with 3D printed - colourful - ones?

    Does this count as an alternate framework?????

    (I pedal to generate the power while I'm making music)

  • just created a video to show some really efficient Multi-sampling tricks....

  • Multisampling Hack using a DAW

  • Did anyone replace the deluge wood cheeks with 3D printed - colourful - ones?

    Just updated my pedal powered the Deluge (& other gear) is inset in the woodwork.....

  • long form ambient improv, Deluge + SOMA Cosmos......

    @Heptagen said:
    Not only did I enjoy this, I listened to it at least three times in full length. You did really well, I am fascinated by your skill to just whip these out as a live improv. I would try to lay it out in the arranger, overthink everything, be frustrated that it lacks "the spark" while at the same time dread the imperfections and never finish it. You seem to know yourself really well (your skills, what you're capable of pulling off) and I respect that a lot.

    Wow, thanks so much for that comment. I can't believe that you actually listened to it more than once, in it's full length. What a compliment - and it means a lot coming from you, as I can tell that you're truly proficient on the Deluge yourself. I have a background as a rock drummer, and now, I really enjoy the ambient thing as a completely different and challenging focus. Really, the main struggle for me is to try and keep things minimal, and not overplay, not create too many elements which might be distracting from the hypnotic and meditative thing I'm working towards. .....the other reality is that, for each of my monthly Full Moon improv sessions, my ritual is to ingest some strong, mushroom tea, which is intended to get me to chill out a bit, get into a flow, and not think too much.

    I can see that you know the Deluge really well. Really impressive. I love the idea of not owning dozens of pieces of gear (as I used to) and instead, get a good handle on a few pieces - so that I can be in more of a spontaneous zone, and not think too much.

    Can't wait to listen to more of your stuff as well...........all the best......


  • just created a video to show some really efficient Multi-sampling tricks....

    @ckbarlow said:
    Between Logic Auto Sampler (which includes configurable loop search) and Endless WAV, this just gets easier and easier. (And more and more fun.)

    yeah - boy, I remember sampling with my old Emulator II - around 1985 - things were different then. We stored our samples on a 5.25" floppy disc, which took half a minute to load.....These days, it's a different world.....

  • FiLE FiLE FiLE FiLE (flashing display)

    When I browse through synth presets, the display shows 'FILE' - flashing for any slot that no longer has it's original sample available.
    I am constantly adding new sample folders, sometimes recreating samples with more useful settings, etc.
    It is frustrating and slow to have this display readout, as the scrolling progression stops during that time - really screws up workflow.

    Yes, I know that I could make notes of all the issues, go back into the card data and correct everything, but being that I'm changing things so often, it is a bit of a pain.

    just sayin'