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  • Arranger suggestion - display to show where cursor is in timeline

    Im getting pretty lost after about 32 bars as to what im sequencing. It's hard to tell where every 4th bar is when you start to create a long arrangement. 2 possible ideas:

    1. Show on display where the cursor is in the timeline: the display is not being used on arrange much. It would be so helpful to see this.
    2. Alternatively if this was an unused grey colour, you could show vertical lines on every 4th bar or phrase to help you navigate.

    Keen to use this tool to build my tracks entirely - got faith this is gonna be nailed and perhaps there will be a number of tips / tricks. But i do think at the moment it is very tricky to consider building a full track (at least in the way i would normally think to do so).

  • Bi-directional sequencing

    Would love to see some form of bidirectional sequencing in the deluge, similar to a sq1 or beatstep. Admitedlly not sure how this would be implemented, particularly in arranger. I guess if a 1 bar track is extended across the arrange then it could potentially change direction every bar.

  • Song view should work like Ableton Live's session view

    This is a great idea and I think would work brilliantly alongside the new arranger. I don't actually see the worth of the horizontal view as knowing the length of my track is less important than being able to easily manage multiple clips on one track. As much as a copy of ableton it would be, it would make so much sense.

    Imagine each clip row was all specific colors. So row 1 is always blue whether it is track 1, 2 or 3, etc. Then when in arranger I can select which clip as per current functionality but will always know that blue refers to the first clip in the selected instrument row. Could be a lot to recode but what an amazing workflow this would bring.

  • Compressor

    I would replace saturation or bit crusher with a compressor if it was up to me. It's the most essential Fx for me.

  • Chord Mode

    Would be a great feature!

  • Additional screen via external app

    Possibly a controversial request as some may say it ruins the spirit of the deluge as a standalone. But let's just ponder the benefits of having additional feedback or OS shortcuts via a phone / tablet. Properly being able to name tracks, samples and perhaps a more visual view of arranger. Could this be an interesting alternative to have an upgraded hardware/pro deluge? The OS is already brilliant, just the visual feedback is obviously very limited.