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  • Separate scale configuration per track

    A critical thing I am trying to understand is why changing the scale on a particular track changes it for all the tracks. I've been playing some chords samples melodically on synth track withe the scale button toggled. If I go about and create a brand new synth track and try to change the scale to use on that particular track I notice how the "notes" I already played on the previous track kinda shift I guess to fit in to the scale selected. Is this the correct behavior? I would assume it would be more interesting that each track hold its own particular scale setup. So as a result of this if lets say I draw a nice Melody on the chord sample track using a major scale, and then I change for another track to Dorian, I have to go back and make the note adjustments on the chord track and then proceed and do my next melody using the new scale.

    The ideal solution at least for me would be: That each tracks holds its own "pre-made" or "custom" scale selections. Each track independent from the other, as they already do with the FX section, automation etc..

  • Auto Save

    I hope some sort of auto-save feature is implemented. Perhaps not one that overwrite one of previous or current saving instance but something that allow users to preserve work in event of having the the machine go off due to drained battery. Thing is I've been jamming with the deluge since yesterday most of the time going back and forth between other chores and for the love of me wasn't aware of the battery consumption. So right now was working on a beat I have the whole morning locked into, finally got an idea for a main melody, recorded the melody and celebrating when the machine turned off. Of course just lost the last 10 min of my exploration but still would be nice to have something in place that discretely saves to a .* instance where you can recall stuff both from unexpected crashes or in my case the battery being drained.