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  • Fade inn and out / Cross Fades

    FX automation lane(s) have been a frequently requested feature in the past so likely high on the open-source list when it opens up, assuming it's possible

  • MIDI external "master" keyboard to record clips without constantly re-learning?

    will be picking up Deluge this month after getting back into hardware sequencing with Pyramid/Hapax. is there any value to the way Squarp handles MIDI routing of tracks, since my understanding is even Deluge has a maximum of 16 MIDI tracks available -- just default each track to the corresponding MIDI channel: Track 1 = MIDI Ch 1 and so on through 16, but you can always dial in a different channel per track if needed? i get that it probably makes more sense with their UI layouts because they are built around a 16-track pad layout generally and Deluge seems to be "infinite tracks" on the grid that we scroll up/down.

    but perhaps there could be a method of hierarchical assignment when designating a given row as a MIDI track to create clips? so that the first time you select any event to be a MIDI track, it defaults to MIDI Ch 1 and then each subsequent creation of a new MIDI track event ratchets up to the next channel until you hit Ch. 16? all changeable after first created if you needed to tweak any channel routings later? the way i have my setup currently, i know exactly what MIDI channel corresponds to which voices/tracks across my multiple devices that are being sequenced and those channel assignments are never going to change. so will probably be most efficient in building projects in Deluge if I can just quickly create MIDI tracks on the grid sequentially (say the first 16 rows from top to bottom correspond to MIDI 1-16) and those will always route to the order i've assigned my devices' MIDI channels. and then i'll have as many rows below those for any internal Deluge synth/samples i might want to layer on top of my 16 MIDI tracks.

    but this is all just spitballing based on the tutorial videos and walkthroughs i've been watching to understand the workflow before i take the actual plunge.

  • Drawing automation to modulate without an LFO

    do we know if it's a potential ad to the firmware down the road? coming from Hapax, drawing on the grid is a pretty handy feature

  • Loading a preset song on startup