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  • MIDI external "master" keyboard to record clips without constantly re-learning?

    @Radius9999 said:
    Yes, well, unfortunately that goes under the category of "feature request", which as I understand it right now is strictly forbidden! They kind of got overwhelmed a few years ago with requests.

    It definitely seems to be a feature request now that we've determined there's no way to do it! :) I'm still new though, hence asking the question here first (plus as you point out, there's not really any place to ask for features that's clearly official).

    Maybe they'll be willing to consider a few of these hopefully-fairly-straightforward feature requests as a higher priority over some next mega-feature nobody's really asking for yet (not that they are doing that, but I see far too many manufacturers doing similar things: ignoring a stack of fairly straightforward workflow requests and dumping some huge feature that wasn't why people bought the machine in the first place, just to hopefully make it more appealing to some newly identified niche of the market). I get why; we don't need to discuss that too. I just hope that doesn't happen here. :)

  • New supervillain EP done entirely on the Deluge

    I don't watch video, but I'd definitely be interested in more info on that. The workflow sounds fascinating. I still struggle with the recording process - setting lengths and punching in and dealing with quantization just don't strike me as intuitive or effective on the Deluge and understanding how others work with these issues might be helpful to get me unblocked. In short, I was hoping it would be a useful multitrack MIDI recorder and lightweight editor/quantizer - a "graphical" (grid-based) Cirklon lite, if you will. But finding a workflow that lets me lay things into clips and build a track from that that doesn't run me into a thousand-and-one micro-roadblocks all the time (clips with fixed lengths so I can't jam into them, having to "learn" and "unlearn" the MIDI for each clip to play into it, can't edit or adjust things like aftertouch, pitchbend, and mod wheel graphically...) has me a bit disillusioned. I'm sure there's a way - you've done it! But I haven't found it yet.