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  • date/time for SD-data ?

    currently there seams to be no clock/date within deluge.
    Because of that you can not see any date/time-stamps on data written on the SD-card (blank date)
    Therefor you have no chance to know when a certain song/patch/.. was created/written.
    It would help if this somehow could be accomplished since backing-up data would be much easier - since only numbers and no names are available for filenames.

  • various sample-packs ... free

    found lots of samples (oneshoots/drones/loops) over here at ""

    I use:
    Inter Space
    Sound Design Tools
    Weird Side (Tech)

    Since many of the samples do have long filenames, I'm using a tool called "Bulk Rename Utility" which is capable of very powerfull batch-renaming.
    But be carefull. Powerfull tool that does not ask questions. If you screw up you get what you ask for.
    (hint: use F5 to refresh screen; and always press CTRL+A to get the preview of the renaming; use Selections(12) to preselect files "*"=all; use Repl.(3) to replace, use Remove(5) to shorten, use Move(6) to move the numbers a the end of filenames to front)
    Use a backup-directory with your samples to rename since you will screw up a rename step for sure at some time.

  • show/indicate incoming MIDI

    it would be helpful when incoming MIDI would be indicated somehow.
    Audition-pad for corresponding MIDI-Note could be lit in case of incoming note.
    If note is not on current screen (only 8 notes visible) first/last audition-pad could flash shortly to indicate that incoming note is above/beneath of field of view.

  • paste overdub ?

    currently when you copy a grid (using [learn]+[<>]) and you paste it into another track (using [shift]+[learn]+[<>]) the previous content of the destination-grid is completely replaced.
    Could it be helpful if only note-values would be copied (and not including the blanks) so one could "overdub" existing notes with ones copied from somewhere else ?

  • reverse scrolling up/down ?

    All knobs work the way that turning clockwise increases a value, and turning counter-clockwise decreases its value.
    This is not true for the scroll-up/down knob.
    To increase the track-numbers visible you have to turn-counter-clockwise. - which is counter-intuitive to me.

    I know that curently the track is moving up/down according to turning of knob, and I do understand the idea behind.
    But somehow I always turn it the wrong way when I want to scroll.

    Am I alone with that ?

  • Folder structure for organizing presets

    @fryyyy said:
    +1 I'm about to release 100 sample kits and im running out of collision free numbers

    deluge could go kind of hexadecimal automatically

    add A0-A99, B0-B99, Z0-Z99

  • SD-card fell into my synth ... how to get it out ?

    I was able to open the Deluge using a Torx T6 (star w/ 6 spikes).
    There are 4x of these on the top of the deluge.
    And after opening 2x furter Phillips screws on the back of the Deluge using a PH000 I was able to remove the wooden cheek and my SD-card fell out.