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  • The 3 modes of resampling

    Perhaps someone has checked this out and it would be good to systematise. There are three modes of recording: into a pad, into a resample folder and into an audio track. I wonder how they differ in terms of start/end sync, normalization, wav destination and possibly also where in the effect chain the recording takes place. I guess there is some naming coined.

    The 3 modes of resampling
    1. Into-pad
    2. Pre-masterbus
    3. Post masterbus

    what is recorded
    1. any unmuted track and its effects less track volume (normalised instead)
    2. any unmuted track and its effects less track volume
    3. unmuted or soloed tracks + effects, master effects less master volume

    quantized start or recording
    1. optional (from stopped playback)
    2. yes
    3. optional (from stopped playback)

    quantized end of recording
    1. ?
    2. yes
    3. ?

    location of recorded file
    2. Record folder
    3. clips folder (project must be saved as pre-requisite)
    4. resample folder

    1. yes
    2. no
    3. no

    What do you think?

  • Transpose individual notes !

    When in midi synth clip, shift + 3 right one up off the top of my head, enters transpose. Press an audition pad to select note to be transposed, press SELECT, now set the value; zero for no change.

    Turns out it is possible to have a single midi note play at a different pitch :) Selective transpose if you will.
    Has anyone found a way to put this to good use? Could be great for pattern variations or notes borrowed from other scales. This does not spread across octaves, so might derive from kit, where there is instant application: a CH motive might be, at times, taken over by snare etc.

  • Jumping to the end of a large sample folder

    I have an update the method presented in the video works as long as the letter pressed is "higher" than R in this folder at least because all files start with R(ec).

  • Zero-maintenance loop recording

    Cool, thanks. A couple of discoveries.

    For one bar, loop end at 0.999 does the trick :) only you need to make it the last time unit showing as 0.999 at the very highest zoom, so there is a bit of winding.
    Loop length and snap to grid would be lovely. Select knob might snap to 32th or any other minimum value set by user and the button matrix might stay as it is.

    Margins - actually, it turns out that the first transient is stronger with the margin on. Maybe some error of mine.

    Loops of even lengths, i.e. snap to grid resample on and off would still be useful for producing drum loops ready to play 'out of the box' without the end of sample calculus..

    Please correct me if I am wrong but for now, it looks like the way to secure sample start alignment to grid is to record+play from pause, which is sufficient except for cases where you want reverb to be evenly spread throughout the loop.

    Wrapped sample list
    Also, once browsing resampled/recorded, or any other folder, it would be great to have an option to turn one click left to access the most recently recorded samples. Browsing starts chronologically, I presume that when you have amassed 1500 samples, that must take many turns to reach the most recent one ;)

  • Apply an effect to the whole kit

    So there is no way, I infer; the 'grid-accessed' effects are hardwired to individual drum pads.