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  • Cloned track with same synth

    Is it possible to have a cloned track using the exact same synth? So when you tweak the filter on track 1, this also affect track 2?

    Because now stuff like cutoff is track specific and can be totally different.

  • Cloned track with same synth

    I think I didn't make myself clear.

    Let me rewrite my question with an example:

    1) I create a synth track and add some notes.
    2) I clone this track
    3) I start playback in song mode
    4) I hold one of the pads of the 1st track and tweak the cutoff from 100% to 50%
    5) I press the launch pad of the 2nd track, so it starts playing after the 1st track is finished
    6) Now the synth cutoff is back at 100%!
    7) Now I press the launch pad of the 1st track again, so it starts playing after the 2nd track is finished
    8) Now the cutoff is back at 50%

    Conclusion: the cutoff is determined by the track, not the synth.

    Please note: I did NOT record the automation.

    For some reason, it appears each track has its own synth, or at least its own values for some of the parameters (like cutoff and resonance).

    I did notice though, that when I change some of the deeper parameters, these DO affect the synth on both tracks.

  • Cloned track with same synth

    I think this has nothing to do with automation. Of course, when there is automation, it should follow that, and that's per track. But when there is no recorded automation, it still jumps to a different when switching tracks with the same synth. This is just weird imho. If someone wants that, he can just record automation or set a parameter lock in it to achieve the same.

  • Suggestion: Deluge Sequencer (sequencer only)

    Oh yeah I forgot about adding an OLED screen :)

    It would certainly make sense to also add the software upgrades (like vertical Ableton style clip launch mode, MIDI FX, Midi Profiles, etc) to the current Deluge as well. But I'm sure if Rohan would do that. I love how dedicated he is in perfecting the Deluge. It will generate a lot of loyal customers.

  • 3.0 feature tease: QWERTY keyboard & new top panel labels.

    @Ian_Jorgensen said:

    @DVB said:
    I know you literally said that the terminology change from "track" to "clip" will have zero effect on how we use the box

    That is correct. It is simply a change in vernacular so that it makes more sense within the architecture of the Deluge, primarily because of the Arranger.

    I thought it was a hint to the highly requested clip launch view coming soon (like Ableton's session view)? :)