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  • More (or even all) paremeters MIDI controllable

    Hi, I'm surprised that so much of the parameters can not learn a midi message. The most frustrating ones were (for those I tried):
    -arpeggiator mode
    -arp sync
    -arp rate
    -saturation !!!
    -modulation fx type
    -delay stereo on off
    -delay sync
    -everyrhing regarding the reverb
    -etc... (I guess)

    Cheers! Thanks to Rohan and Ian for the amazing job you are doing. All my respect.

  • Midi NRPN featuring

    Hi, I feel that getting the possibility to choose between CC and NRPN when assigning to/from external parameters/controls, would be a great feature. I would love to get this for exampke to control more of my Elektron A4 paramaters, some are NRPN only. Also, I was not able to get NRPN midi messages to simply go thru the deluge, only CCs can. It would give the users a lot more midi potential. Cheers!

  • Visual editing of automation curves

    We know, now, that the actual deluge's screen is the pads grid. It's only 16X8 pixels, but that's enough (just look at the 2.1 firmware waveform view). We should be able to edit each recorded automation by visual curves, step by step, with a zoom on X and Y.

    ---- ---- ---- ---- >> --__ ____ ---- __--

  • Next Thing - backing up a song's files

    All is in the tile. I guess it's quiet easy to:
    -parse an .xml
    -copy to a folder (for example 'SAMPLES/_SONG/001/.' the samples listed
    -change the pathes in the .xml

    I was planning to do it for myself in python anyway.

    Cheers! Thank you for your great work!!

  • deluge CONDENSED documentation

    I started it for myself, but at a point I thought it was worth share it to all:
    - deluge CONDENSED documentation -

    This a condensed version of the documentation. Only 13 pages (instead of 61). I keep the original order for ease of use.
    Because, English is not my first language, there must be tons of errors or aproximations.
    Everybody can comment the google doc, I'll make the correction.


  • new portable Synth: MODAL ELECTRONICS SKULPT

    I don't really now about the battery, I use the usb power only.

  • Song view should work like Ableton Live's session view