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    Hi folks,
    Okay, it's ChristmasTime in March! I had these old Mixman Sample packs from their old StudioPro software (this used to be like a beat matching software that would take clips and allow you to mix them into a song, think of it as a very basic stem player, but hey it was the 2000's). The samples sound amazing and some of the artists are just fantastic, I have had these CDs in my closet for years and just now got around to pulling the samples. These are not MULTI-SAMPLES, just single samples that can be imported into the SYNTH of the Deluge as OSC1 or OSC2, or into Kits as a single sample.

    DISCLAIMER: It is unclear to me what the legality of using these samples royalty-wise is concerned - I certainly don’t want to get anyone in trouble, I am not a lawyer, and I do not have any legal knowledge on the matter. I do not want to take money away from a company or copywriter that is still selling these, but they were released 30 years ago, and as of Feb, 2022, the parent company Time&Space are out of business, so I don’t think this is a concern, but if anyone has any additional info please let me/us know!

    Anyway, here is the link to the WHOLE FOLDER, and below is a description of each CD. It's over 3GB of samples so pick and choose what you like or grab em all! Have fun happy to get these on the site finally.

    K-KLASS - Tribal House - European techno-house full of loops, synths, keys, kicks, and hats

    Heaven 17 - Electronic Dance - Elements of dub, electro, ambient, house, d & b, breakbeat, with baselines, pads, hits, and FX

    Darwin Chamber - Electrobreakbeat - Clean 303, 808, and 909 elements and loops, guitars, turntables scratches, and vocoders

    Hardcore - European Hardcore by DJ Brisk & DJ Douglas - Acid lines, kicks, claps, 303, rhythm loops. Think eating drugs

    LoFi Transmission - Techno House - Rhythm, melody, and vocals, lots of keys and leads and some baselines

    Smoke - Trip Hop - Guitars, keys, pads, and nice FX, super loungy and smokey think Portishead but on your Deluge

    TREMOR - Drum & Bass - Bass tones, riffs, pads, melodies, really nice kicks and drums

    GLOSS - House - Lots of great drums here and nice strings and vocals as well

    Street Level - Hip-hop - Nice fills, kicks, turntable effects, FX, scratches, and some baselines and vocals as well

    SKINNY PUPPY - Artist - Percussive loops, keys, baselines, all curated by Skinny Puppy

    George Clinton - Artist - Really nice funk baselines, mixed grooves, guitars, pianos, and sax samples. Funk it UP

    Enjoy, and let me know if they load okay. Most should be short clips that might not require extensive clipping.

  • Is there any interest in these? They will be extremely limited and not inexpensive?!

    Just an update, I expect these to be ready shortly - these will have a laquer finish applied (DEFT brand) and the resin pieces are a UV curing resin used on old surfboards. Take a look and let me know if you have an interest in these for your Deluge!!! Excited to get them out in the world!

  • E-MU Xtreme Lead Presets - All Kits and Multi-sampled

    Just an update and a word of CAUTION!

    I found out what's happening, all of the files with a "#" in the name (like all the sharp notes) will get duplicated when updating to a GoogleDrive folder, regardless of whether you ask it to merge existing files or not. I assume this is because GoogleDrive interprets these as versions of the same file because of the "#"?! Not sure, but what is terrible frustrating is the notes without a "#" in the same will not be duplicated, so it adds to the confusion.

    Anyway @cassbob these should all be removed now so have a look. There are about a dozen sounds that I need to re-do, but give me 8 hours until I get home from work and I will upload those tonight.

    I think this only affected the MoPhatt samples, but if anyone else finds any weirdness, let me know and I will fix them! If you downloaded this ROM set previously, maybe download a fresh copy tomorrow so you have no redundant samples taking up Deluge memory.

    What a weird property of uploads, maybe we should keep this to ourselves for when the robots are attempting to take over???

  • Is there any interest in these? They will be extremely limited and not inexpensive?!


    I think these are ready to go! Sorry for the delay I had to switch to an inner pine cheek bonded to the kauri wood because in playtesting the plastic would bend different than the wood and cause separation. Also, sets 7 and 8 are fully incased in resin because I know some folks like to really bang their Deluge around (mine is a studio princess for the most part!) Those two sets should hold up great even with a thrashing.

    These are all done by hand! Everything was hand sanded, hand shaped, and they look really unbelievable in person. Slight imperfections in the wood but THEY ARE 45,000 YEARS OLD!

    I would like to charge $100 per set, with free shipping in the continental U.S.A., and a little more to other countries (decided between you and I on a per country basis). I know it’s more than I originally quoted but they took a lot of time to get nice and materials were spendy.

    I realize this is a lot of money for most people, so I would also like to send a set of these to Synthstrom directly (maybe if a moderator sees this, can you send me an address I can send these to?) and maybe have them run a contest for best song inspired by something truly ancient?! That way if you are creative you could walk away with a set for free.

    The way this works is based on the honor system - send me a message telling me which number set you want, i then send you my paypal address, you pay me, and then I send you the cheeks! I am a man of my word and will send them out within a day or two of payment receipt!

    UPDATE: Set #1 and #6 are the only ones left!! Don’t sleep!

    Sorry for the long post and thanks for looking - this was a fun project and they all look really amazing in person I added a collage so you can see what they look like on the box. First come first serve on the messages i will honor requests as good faith payments and reserve that set, but stay tuned if you are not first in line as someone could always back down.

  • Is there any interest in these? They will be extremely limited and not inexpensive?!

    @Bugah said:
    I'm in love.
    iluvsa informed me of shipping, gave me information about how to mount the sides, and gave me a nice handwritten note as well for how to take care of them. Shipped quick and with care in a cloth to prevent scratching. They're the same size and dimension as the original cheeks so they fit just fine on my Deluge. They're super beautiful. Thanks so much for making these, I'm honored.

    Made my day! They look so fantastic! I still have a few left (see availability above) so let me know if you want a pair, anyone!

  • E-MU Xtreme Lead Presets - All Kits and Multi-sampled

    @cassbob said:
    Is it normal that i have a lot of double files with the same names with (1) at the end like windows do when you copy the same files in the same folder. When i check the audio, this is the same sound too, can i delete them ?

    Hey cassbob, give me an example of a file and i can see if it’s on this end. I am on a Mac and I didn’t see any duplicates! But I might have missed them!