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  • E-MU Xtreme Lead Presets - All Kits and Multi-sampled

    I just updated the E-MU folder I had posted a few weeks ago, it now has all 512 presets from the Xtreme Lead module. These were geared towards techno/house feel but my gosh some of the pads and noise samples are just downright dirty!

    Here is the link where you can get both of the full modules I've done (Mo'Phatt and Xlead, almost 8 GB of samples now). There are also two PDFs that give you a list of all of the preset names for these modules.

    I am working on the other modules I have and I don't really have any loved ones so I should be able to get them up in the very near future! Stay tuned!

  • E-MU Xtreme Lead Presets - All Kits and Multi-sampled

    Just an update and a word of CAUTION!

    I found out what's happening, all of the files with a "#" in the name (like all the sharp notes) will get duplicated when updating to a GoogleDrive folder, regardless of whether you ask it to merge existing files or not. I assume this is because GoogleDrive interprets these as versions of the same file because of the "#"?! Not sure, but what is terrible frustrating is the notes without a "#" in the same will not be duplicated, so it adds to the confusion.

    Anyway @cassbob these should all be removed now so have a look. There are about a dozen sounds that I need to re-do, but give me 8 hours until I get home from work and I will upload those tonight.

    I think this only affected the MoPhatt samples, but if anyone else finds any weirdness, let me know and I will fix them! If you downloaded this ROM set previously, maybe download a fresh copy tomorrow so you have no redundant samples taking up Deluge memory.

    What a weird property of uploads, maybe we should keep this to ourselves for when the robots are attempting to take over???

  • E-MU Mo' Phatt multi-samples and more

    Hey, I've been lurking and learning on my Deluge for the last month or so and really loving it. I grew up on early 2000's grooveboxes and despite some really great sounds in there, the boxes themselves are a bit dated. ENTER THE DELUGE!

    So, I've begun multi-samplign my old boxes, starting with my favorite, the MP7, which was the E-MU groove box that has all of the Mo' Phatt presets in it. The sounds are great, and have held up, so here is the first part of them that I have multi-sampled for the Deluge. I used the exact same naming conventions as the original modules, so you can just put the whole folder onto your Deluge card and drill down to the samples you want.

    What I would love is for some folks to mess about with the samples, and see what you think. I am multi-sampling automatically (in 44.1 16-bit stereo) but some feedback on how they sound before I keep forging ahead would be great. The good news is I have the modules for the XL7, the World Expedition (live sampled orcania or bass recorder, anyone?!), and the ultra rare Deluxe Orchestra one. So, if folks like what they hear and there is a demand, I will keep going and periodically update the folder.

    Have at it, and let me know your thoughts!


    Ryan H.

  • Did anyone replace the deluge wood cheeks with 3D printed - colourful - ones?

    I remixed a stand by another user that sits at a great angle, and adds the Synthstrom logo (minus the italics) on the sides - if you have access to a 3d printer you can print this for free here is the link:

  • E-MU Peter Siedlaczek Advanced Orchestra Presets Multi-Samples

    Arrrrrrgh! No WAY Amiga that makes people's lives SO much easier thanks for doing these!

    It probably goes without saying, but if you try and load all of these, you will bog down the SYNTHS presets quite a bit - I have a 256GB SD card running at a fairly high transfer rate, and if you load them all, the scrolling gets a bit sluggish. So my advice is to pick and choose the ones you love or use multiple cards for different projects.

    NOW, can anyone do the same for the KITS folders and make some presets for the Deluge? I am assuming there is some semi-autonomous way to do this but I don't know how. That would be a nice companion to these.

    Thanks Amiga909!!!