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  • Holding shift while turning a knob rapidly changes it's value.

    Holding shift while turning a knob rapidly changes it's value. Currently this does nothing. This could be pretty useful if used with the gold knobs during a performance to rapidly cut off/enable effects or other parameters like the volume. Lowering the volume rapidly like this could be an alternative to muting the track since it would still allow trailing effects.

  • When in cross screen edit mode, changing a pads FX value should affect the other pads as well.

    Currently, changing a pad's FX value will only affect the pad on the current screen, it should apply that as a cross edit to other pads as well. Oddly enough, changing a pads velocity in cross edit mode will currently affect the rest of the pads, the same behavior should work with other values as well.

  • Compressor

    A compressor with the same functionality as the rest of the current effects would be great. This way you could even apply different compression settings per note/pad or automate any changes.

  • Automation of Start and End points of a sample and different Looping options

    This would definitely be cool. This would allow wavetable like functionality. You could load up a sample with a bunch of waveforms and then modulate the start and end points to transform the sound. In order for this to work right there would need to be some sort of loop cross fade or snap to zero to avoid any clicks.

    If this same functionality could be added to LFOs the sonic possibilities would be endless.

  • Move useful content away from Facebook

    I agree.

    Eventhough I have a facebook account, one of the only times I've logged into over the past year or so was to check the Synthstrom Deluge groups. I'd rather that i never have to log into it again.

  • 0-Coast with Deluge

    This is kind of related, I noticed you also have a softpop. I've been wanting to get one since it looks like it would be fun to jam with and improvise on the fly. Plus it's battery powered so i could lug it around with my Deluge. Have you tried hooking it up to the Deluge? I was wondering how well it would work controlling it via cv/gate.

    Love your vids by the way.