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  • Sidechain EVERYTHING

    ...OK, maybe not everything, but a lot of things can be modulated by the sidechain (and different drums can trigger by different amounts, etc.).

    I've been busy moving cities, but wanted to do a video where I started from a brand new synth patch and only edited the sound via patching parameters to sidechain. Some of it is more useful than others (sidechain to increase the arp rate can be very fun), but thought I'd share.

  • Important information on our new focus on these forums and the temporary removal of feature requests

    Loving the renewed energy in the forums!

  • Gold encoder keeps resetting value if turned quickly?

    I ended up opening my Deluge up today and it wasn't too bad aside from the 32 screws that hold the circuit board to the face plate. I was able to use some cleaner on the shaft of one of my gold knobs (didn't need to spray from the bottom). Not sure how much it helped, but it seems a bit better. I also tried cleaning the contacts of my pads, but that was trickier.

    My play button was quite worn (noticeably less black conductive material on the underside of the pad. In the end I used graphite on the offending pad. This helped a bit, but I'm not sure how long it will last (it didn't last long, so I added tiny pieces of adhesive foil tape, which seems more robust for now). I also swapped the row of pads for play, rec, shift with the ones for tap-tempo, sync scaling and triplets, as I never use those anyway. I'll get some new pads if I ever end up doing the OLED retrofit.

    I'm going to leave it open for a bit, to be sure. I did notice the screw holes of my wood sides have started to split at the corners, so just keep an eye on that if you do open it op. I've got mine clamped with some wood glue to help strengthen then back up before I reassemble it all.

  • Deleting KIT

    You can delete kits directly on the Deluge. Just do the following:

    • Press Load + Kit
    • Navigate to the kit you want to delete
    • Press Shift + delete
    • Confirm

    (Same steps for synths, just replace "kit" with "synth")

  • Frippertronics (or decayed looping) on the Deluge?

    @Affectionate_Bee_781 said:
    @reza yep - although if you change the time for delay of the whole song, you can actually get pretty long delays without changing tempo. But if you want to sync it, then yes you need to use a slow BPM

    Here's 28 BPM, sync'd to 1 bar - so about 8.5 seconds - affecting an electric piano. Halfway through, I double BPM to 56, 4.2 sec of delay. Excuse the loud drums :)

    Nice job! Took me a while to pick up the repetitions, as they were so long. Ha