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  • Note off instead of note cut on track disable


    We've had a discussion about effect tails in another thread, but I feel this warrants its own suggestion: The main problem with pad patches at the moment is that you can't really use them in multiple tracks that you enable/disable to progress through different variations and/or chord progressions within a song, or even across multiple songs. This is NOT about the effect tail, but about the note itself!

    What happens now is that if you disable a track with a pad synth sound, the notes are cut off and all sound stops abruptly. What I'd like to see is the default behavior to change to NOTE OFF instead, letting the ADSR-envelope of the patch continue instead of just nulling the output immediately. This would allow natural progressions from one track to another.

    As it is implemented now, I have to resort to external synths to be able to do any kind of "serious" sequencing with the deluge, which I think is a huge waste because I am seriously in love with the simple but capable onboard synth! Plus I don't want to lug around a D-05 just because I'm using a pad in a song somewhere.

    So please, please, consider implementing this change, if not as default then at least as an option. Maybe the act of disabling a track could be changed so that if you press a certain combination while doing so, track deactivation happens via note off instead of note cut. So people who want to keep the current behavior could still do so.

  • Global setting for permanent Line-In Monitoring

    Hey! I'd like to suggest adding a global setting that enables line-in monitoring, independent of any synth that might be using line as oscillator setting. This line-in monitoring wouldn't need to have any effects applied (though that ability would be kinda cool to have as an extra), and I would even go as far as saying that it should be enabled by default.
    Reason for this is that the current modes are cumbersome to use and apparently don't work unless you're either in play or play+record mode.

    And for reference, look no further than the Access Virus TI, which has exactly this setting. The Fantom G even has a dedicated "Mix In" button on the panel.

    I like the flexibility of the current synth oscillator line in mode for doing crazy stuff, but I feel the Deluge does need a way to just pipe the line in through, even (and especially) while not playing.

  • Show possible button shortcuts while editing synth/kit

    Here's another idea, how about making the pad buttons glow (or breathe) for possible shortcuts while in the synth edit menu and holding shift? This means depending on what part of the menu we are in, and the type (kit/synth/midi/cv), the relevant possible shortcuts could have a faint glow.

    I think this should only happen while in an edit menu, otherwise it would collide with the sequencer... i think? Not sure on this one.
  • Option for an effects tail when unarming a track

    Please don't forget we also need note off support. I have the nagging suspicion some people confuse the two!
  • Note off instead of note cut on track disable

    Thanks. Do you guys think I should upload a video illustrating the problem?

  • Option for an effects tail when unarming a track

    Agreed, fixed in 2.0.0! Thanks a lot!