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  • monochrome /single color for tracks

    sam said I should repost here:
    Is it possible to make LED colors a single color within a track rather than fading to other colors?
    Single colors would make it easier for my weak little mind. Strict color coding is especially useful when beer is added to the equation i.e. impairing vision and increasing disorientation during an important noodling session.

  • Real MIDI templates + fewer MIDI learn restrictions

    Problem: with all the presets that come with the deluge and all the ones I have created in the months since I got the Deluge it is unrealistic to go through each one and MIDI learn them. If I understand correctly the workaround is making a making a MIDI learned preset that you save over and over again. This actually defeats the purpose of having a presets sounds; though you have parameters that are MIDIfied the user has a lot of programming to do to get a drastically different sound.

    AFAIK connecting a MIDI button with momentary or incremental functions (i.e. to change OSC type) is also problematic. This could be worked around if we knew a little more about how values are clipped in parameters with on or off functions or with very few parameters (i.e. is 'off' 0 and 'on' 1 or 127?)

    There are also parameters that are simply not MIDI learnable, e.g. in the global effects section

    Solution(?): Ability to make a MIDI template that can be applied to a preset, possibly with one strict but changeable MIDI channel per template. This would be somewhat akin to a multitimbral synth where instruments are differentiated by MIDI channel and could take the form of a template per synth type (FM / subtractive) or kit. I'm certain this is no easy task but it would greatly expand performance possibilities.

    Alternatively, maybe there would be a way to do this in downrush(?)

  • Master Tune

    yes please a master tune that allows us to tune down to 432 up to 448

  • Stereo detune, stereo spread, stereo modulation effects / pan individual oscillators

    yes please more stereo stuff. Bare mono synth sounds are understandably one dimesional on the deluge...adding some 'simple' stereo options would be awesome. e.g. placing notes across the stereo panorama, detuning oscillators in stereo and making true stereo mod effects (setting up two identical synths to achieve stereo mod effects is a clunky workaround)...
    (edit) thinking more about this made me realize that panning individual oscillators would cover a lot of the above.

  • LFOs / ENVs through CV outputs

    This was mentioned in passing in this thread but I thought for the sake of clarity this should have its own...So yes please add the ability to patch LFOs and envelopes to the CV ouputs.

  • push gold knobs for additional FM parameters

    in the subtractive synthesizer pushing the gold knobs accesses resonance slope and cutoff type...could they be made to access other parameters in the FM synth?

  • True Custom Scales

    yes, please...a way to light only the notes in a scale selected by user.

  • simplify section > SHAR

    instead of turning the select knob to SHAR for a section...could one section option simply turn off the section LED to indicate that the track doesn't belong to any particular section?
    i.e. The drum track should play for all sections> hold shift + tap section/ audition button until it turns off...seems like this might make it more clear which tracks will be playing continuously.

  • Which mic do you use?

    sony ecm-ms907... a little noisier than the onboard but also louder and stereo...very compact and you can change the stereo image on the mic. Very compact and batteries last a long time...just about a perfect match for the deluge.

  • Step automation view / automation drawing (track long envelope drawing).

    @CaptJakk said:
    This is currently my number 1 feature request. I'd like to be able to do crescendos and filter sweeps on the tail end of a particular track instance, but the only way to do that is record it freehand, which leaves me wanting a little.

    yes mine too...i started a thread a while ago but I think the thread title was too obtuse

    ... also the deluge had (in the past) snapping that would interfere with automation that I tried to motion record.