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  • LFOs & ENVs Need Upgrading

    As we all know, the envelopes & LFOs are a basic and key part of synthesis modulation & sound design in general. Excellent ENVs & LFOs = excellent design. The ENVs & LFOs need some pretty substantial improvement in Deluge to be up to professional level -

    1. Different Env curves
    2. Longer attack times (way longer)
    3. A 500 ms hold
    4. Loop env

    1. More wave choices (noise, random, sample & hold)
    2. LFO phase start
    3. Slew /smoothing

  • Keyboard Mode Step Record

    I think it would be a nice addition to have classic keyboard style step record (like Moog Grandmother and Korg Minilogue XD for example) - e.g. press a key in keyboard mode and it both adds that note(s) to sequence and moves automatically to next step for next incoming note(s). This is much different than the step mode now - pressing pads on and off on a grid - from a performance perspective and a compositional one as well. Just a nice additional way to input notes :)

  • Alternative Grid Sequencer Mode (like Push/Launchpad/Medusa)

    Ok - last wish list item: Seems to me that having a tgrid sequencer like you see on Push, Launchpad, and Medusa (sequenced notes fill up grid both horizontally and vertically per track) could solve three problems at once - ability to see all notes in a sequence at once (128 step sequence or less), not have to scroll to edit notes further down the horizontal line, and it would allow much more quicker access to information overall within a song - when switching between clips you get access to an overall idea of how much note information is on each track with a quick glance at the clip without once again having to scroll.

  • Note/sample length for Multi-sampling an Instrument?

    Thanks guys for the great feedback! Excellent info :)

  • Freezing after upgrading

    Freezing three times in one sitting. If I had to guess, it’s a midi issue. When I just input notes with pads, i have had no issues. connected my keystep and things got weird. Knobs no working, lagging, & complete freeze.