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Cologne, Germany
  • Keep an eye on little and logical issues, and complete functions

    hope someone in New Zealand finds motivation in this thoughts, the critics is completely justified.
    I am still not able to find a progressive workflow cause little things in Deluge are not brought to the end.

    But of course: We all love this machine and respect the work of the developers and they gave us the feeling that wishes and thoughts are listened to and yes the firmware history still gives me hope that the story is not yet at the end.

  • Tips and Tricks

    Long Attack Time can be realized with routing Attack to ENV1 and then turn it to negative values.
    (a trick from another user that I can't find anymore)

  • Tips and Tricks

    @LegsMechanical said:
    I keep reading that the Ds envelopes leave people wanting. Short max attacks, difficulty finding the sweet spot for decay, etc.. Not so.

    Need a longer attack? Modulate the envelope positively with its own attack.
    Snappier decay? Modulate the envelope negatively with its own decay.
    This has really opened up the synth engine for me. Since I learned this tip, I’ve had zero complaints about the envelopes.

    Awesome tip :) You can get some funky curves for sure. I think it may make more sense to say:

    Modulate the attack positively with its own envelope.

    Modulate the decay negatively with its own envelope.

  • Still some places left to perform at our Berlin party on May 10th

    will this event be streamed?
    ...its really a long journey to get to Berlin

  • Keyboard API and General Improvements

    @Phil said:
    That is excellent!!
    One thing that I’ve been wishing since day one is the ability to play chromatically in kit mode. I guess that modulating transpose with velocity would do the trick.
    Also, could we:

    • allow doubling of sequence in keyboard view (having to leave keyboard view and come back to do so is cumbersome.)
    • also in keyboard view, make visible the play position in white while playing and in red while recording would be a nice touch. We now can only see where we are during recording.

    Exactly what I miss :-)

  • copy/paste a row in a kit-track including the sample and all settings

    @jonesy101 said:
    Spent half hour trying to figure out how to copy/paste a sound in a kit. As ever, I end up in the software suggestion page

    :'( ...