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  • Dotted and triplet options for LFO and Delay sync

    I love the sync option for delay, but I frequently want triplet and dotted note options. I can get there manually sometimes, but the control isn't super fine.

  • Deluge is perfect for Jungle

    I've been getting back into the D&B and jungle I was so excited about in the 90s, and I'm working up a live set. Here's a snippet from practice, recorded straight from my DJ mixer. Deluge only, no external synths.

  • Jungle Break Kits

    I've made a few jungle break kits at this point, but most of them are made from classic breaks.
    Two questions:

    Would it be okay to post kits made from breaks like the Amen, Apache, think, etc etc that have been used thousands of times?

    Is anyone interested?

  • Jungle Break Kits

    @o_o said:
    This is a great idea 🙂 I already have the common breaks as kits, but just as simple 8ths slices, without any reverses or FX. Around 100 breaks/kits in total…I'd be happy to share them here, even if you're the only other person who's interested 😄

    Which kit/play settings do you use for sliced breaks? I find Cut Mode (+ Choke) pretty good because you can change the length of hits to create choppy cuts, without a "dummy" row. But I have to use the gold knob to pitch hits up/down, whereas in Stretch Mode you could do it by changing the note length 🤔

    So I have a few using stretch too for easy pitching. I did an amen where half of the hits were stretch, and half cut for some variety. I frequently just do "once" like the default slice does, but take the release down to 0 and get fiddly with the start and end points on the slices to keep the transients clean and the cymbals ringing without stuttering. I also sometimes do longer phrases starting with kicks or snares to keep the flow really nice, but they're much more sensitive to small bpm adjustments.

    Super interested in what you have set up, and I've got at least a few dozen break kits that are super useful in specific ways. I'd love to hear what you're doing as well.

  • Synth Kit

    Here's a kit i made that uses only the internal synth engine and no samples. Hope folks like it.

  • Deluge is perfect for Jungle

    Here's some more I wrote over the weekend.

  • TAL Deluge - multisample instruments collection

    I love these. Really good sounds. Just wish they'd load faster.

  • Deluge Native Synth inconsistent with Velocity < 80

    LOL, I was totally doing this too for a minute.