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  • Ability to name MIDI and CV tracks in Arranger

    Hi all, might be missing something but AFAIK there's no way to name a MIDI or CV track in the Arranger view. You can name Synth and Kit tracks by holding the track's audition pad and pressing 'name' (pos 12,6) but the shortcut doesn't work for the other track types. Would be useful for keeping a hold of what's going on in big arrangements!

  • Simple solution for lack of mixer

    I find it frustrating to have to adjust the level of each clip, or kit sound, individually when I’m finishing the mix of a track. If I finish an arrangement and realise my bass synth is too loud overall, or the EQ is wrong or whatever, it’s annoying and inaccurate to have to go back and adjust it over multiple clips.

    I would like to suggest the button combination SHIFT + AFFECT ENTIRE, which would cause all parameter changes to be reflected across all clips that use that same preset. AFFECT ENTIRE could flash to indicate this is engaged.

    So if I’m in clip view for a bass synth, I would press SHIFT + AFFECT ENTIRE and any parameters I change would also be changed on all the other clips with that bass synth preset.

    If I’m in clip view for a kit clip, and decide my snare is too loud overall, I would press SHIFT + AFFECT ENTIRE, hold the relevant AUDITION pad, and be able to tweak the level / verb / parameters across all clips for that sound only.

    In song view, with SHIFT + AFFECT ENTIRE engaged, holding a row and manipulating parameters would have the same effect.

  • Change metronome volume

    It’s a small thing but I’d love to be able to change the volume of the metronome. When working at lower levels and wanting a count-in it’s punishingly loud. Annoying to have to change the output level all the time!

  • Deluge Firmware 3.1 Teaser

    Very exciting! Note repeat is extremely cool!

  • Synths loaded in a kit do not sound during adjustment of 'humanize' parameter

    Probably but I don’t understand GitHub and I don’t really want to understand it, I’m a dumb musician not a programmer haha