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  • Multi-sampling/ velocity layering

    Can we have multi-sampling/ velocity layering, to create more nuanced sounds/instruments for playing with an external controller with velocity sensitivity ?

  • TAL Deluge - multisample instruments collection

    Here's a bunch of multisample instrument presets made with TAL Sampler and SampleRobot!
    99 of 'em ✨
    In other words, I sampled a bunch of synth and sampler-samples from a sampler VST which emulates the sound of oldschool samplers, using an auto-multisampling tool 😂

    I.e. I heard you like samples dawg, so I put some multisamples on your resampled samples to put in your sampler!
    Be warned though, its pretty large, 5,7GB's...

    Its a nice collection of all kinds of instruments, with a lofi flavor to it. Mostly using the Emu II vintage DAC mode in TAL.
    There's some Alpha Juno, ARP Oddyssey, ARP2600, various Moogs, Prophet5, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Hammond organs, Mellotron, some Fairlight CMI instruments etc.
    Cool stuff! Turn your Deluge into a ROMpler.
    I recommend playing these with a velocity sensitive controller.

    To use the presets, put the folder called TAL multisamples in a folder named Multisamples inside your main SAMPLES folder on the SD card, whether you have one already or need to create one.
    I.e. the filepath should be: SAMPLES\ Multisamples\ TAL multisamples (the folder in the download).
    Then put the preset XML files in the SYNTHS folder into your own SYNTHS folder on your SD.

    About TAL Sampler:
    "TAL-Sampler is not just a sample player. It's a full featured analog modeled synthesizer with a sampler engine as sound source.

    It's possible to choose between different digital analog converters (DAC's) to get the vintage sound of different hardware samplers inside your DAW. We don't make cheap bit crushing or decimation on the output signal. We really down-sample the sample to the desired sampling frequency, then process the data depending on the chosen DAC and up-sample it to the desired pitch."

    About SampleRobot:
    "SampleRobot is your personal automatic sound library creator. It’s ideal for musicians and sound designers alike. The auto-sampling process easily turns your instruments into high quality multisample sets that can be used with your studio's hardware and software samplers. Create your own pro libraries in a jiffy."


  • VSCO orchestral multisample library

    Brought to you by me and the awesome Ron Cavagnaro: big ass orchestral multisample (and other samples) library with heaps of different articulations in readily Deluge-MULTi-loadable folders :smiley:

    Here's what the folder naming means:

    • 1 is lower velocity samples, 2 is higher, and so on.
    • For example 1-2 or 2-2 means round robin variation 2

    There's also ready-made presets (XML files) if you wanna get right to playing and skip the sound design

    It's FREE, open use, public domain. Go grab it!

    1. Download samples:

    Note: When you download a zip from google drive with the whole collection, it might split the download into two separate zip files that need to be merged afterwards.

    1. Preset XML's:

    Drop the folder with the XML files for the presets in your SYNTHS folder.

    1. Place the samples folder ("Ron VSCO-2-CE-master") in the following filepath on your SD card: SAMPLES/ Multisamples/ Ron VSCO-2-CE-master
      (If you don't have a folder called specifically "Multisamples" in your SAMPLES folder, create one.)
  • Rickenbacker bass guitar multisamples mega pack! :)

    Here's a big bunch of Rickenbacker bass guitar multisamples, made by Michael J Bulaw Jr, and organized into instrument presets by me.
    He has meticulously sampled both his old, worn and deep sounding strings, and also a set of new and fresh ones!
    There are all kinds of articulations and sounds, including plucks, picks, pops, slaps, harmonics, slides and noises.
    In addition I processed a few sample-sets with some SP-1200 lo-fi vibes.

    I've made ready patches from all the sample sets to load straight on your Deluge - instructions for loading and folder structure
    etc. (simple) are included.
    There's a multitude of variations, some with a bit of FX and so on. The patches with !! in the name have velocity layers.


    Enjoy! :)
    Shout outs to Michael AKA Too Mere for making this happen!
    Here's a link to his spotify:

    and his youtube channel!:

  • Moog Voyager multisamples

    Same as shared on the fb groups: Lots of multisamples from a Moog Voyager, including basic waveforms to use in the Deluge synth engine, as well as some patches,
    with loop points and all of that stuff.
    I've organized it into readily loadable folders for multisample instrument creation on the Del, with numbered ones for the patches that have several velocity layers. There's also finished XML presets if you don't wanna create them yourself :)

    As analog sounding as the D is gonna get!

    1. Samples:

    2. XML's:

    3. Place the samples folder ("Moog Voyager") in the following filepath on your SD card:
      SAMPLES/ Multisamples/ Moog Voyager
      (If you don't have a folder called specifically "Multisamples" in your SAMPLES folder, create one).

    4. And put the folder with XML's in your SYNTHS folder!

    (Edit: Fixed presets)

  • More midi learns please ?

    Is it possible to have more midi learn mappings per track before getting the "FULL" message ??

    That'd be WELL SWELL

  • 64+GB SD cards can now be used :)

    From Rohan:
    'New fact for the day: although the SD card standard says that you're meant to format 64GB+ cards with Microsoft's proprietary exFAT filesystem, and Windows won't let you format a FAT32 drive bigger than 32GB, the FAT32 standard totally does support going bigger than 32GB - all you need is a special program (link below) to do what Windows won't let you, and format it. After that, Windows is totally happy to read / write to the larger drive. And so is a Deluge.'

    In other words, format the card to FAT32 using a dedicated program :)

    Program for windows: ridgecrop.demon.co.uk/index.htm?guiformat.htm

    Program for mac (not tested yet, give feedback): https://admfactory.com/how-to-format-usb-flash-drive-to-fat32-in-mac-os/

  • Moog Minitaur wave samples (Edit: old thread - check out the new multisamples thread)

    Here are my neatly polished Moog Minitaur samples - (single cycle) waveforms :)

    Long wave samples and single cycle waveforms that loop perfectly. Multiple octaves of C note.

    Share audio/ patches if you make something cool with em!

    I prefer using the longer waveform-loops myself as they capture more of that subtle 'analog movement', but I made the single-cycles as well just to try and feel the difference


  • Tips and Tricks

    Kit sampling w/ slick monitoring and direct pad auto-assignment:

    Go into Settings->Monitor and set it to ON

    In your new Kit, add row(s) and set the Type to INLR.

    Connect your sampling source to the Deluge and play it (not the Deluge)

    Hold down the Audition pad for the kit row you just made and you will hear the sampling input.

    While still holding the audition pad, hit the Record button when you want to start sampling. Hit it again to stop.

    The row type will automatically be converted to SAMPle type and the newly recorded sample assigned to it (normalised).

  • Synthstrom Audible at Superbooth 2018

    @Ian_Jorgensen Can we simply suspend mr. alien brain from this forum until he learns some manners/ common sense?
    The shitty vibe is just so unnecessary :)