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  • Drum layout as keyboard view for kits

    I think Deluge could benefit from having a drum layout good for finger drumming. This could be opened by the keyboard button by kits. The distribution of assigned kit sounds could follow the Push’s logic, so filling up the grid from bottom to up in 4 or 8 wide columns. Or any other kind of solution would be great. Not having a drum layout for kits on Deluge’s wonderful pad grid seems to me a missed ball :)

  • Option to stop arrangement playback without letting the playhead jump back to start

    Currently when stopping playback in arrangement mode the playhead immediately jumps back where it started.
    Wish we had an option to stop the playback and let the playhead stay where it was at that moment. Maybe in a similar way to how we start the position based playback: press and hold knob <> and press button play.

  • TIME SIGNATURE - Even more important since 3.0

    I think Deluge should support time signature setting especially since 3.0 where looping and extended recording has been introduced. It is not convenient to work with time signatures different from 4/4 currently.

    Time signature could be set under Settings menu and can be global for the whole song.

    This setting should affect the following.

    • The metronome should count accordingly (including count-in).
    • The loop length calculation and extended recording (so when to stop recording when it's triggered) should be calculated based on the selected time signature.
    • It may also affect how the clips are changed in Song mode.
  • Folder structure for organizing presets

    As far as I see the 3.0 tries to handle this situation with file naming and searching features in some degree. However it hardly improves the situation of having a single folder that holds all samples recorded internally as well as resampled ones and including those shits that are never used :)

  • Emulate pitch bend with golden knob

    I think it's a sort of missed ball not having any kind of pitch bend/pitch wheel control on Deluge though it has a decent synth engine:)

    Here's an idea of how to emulate it with one of the golden knobs.

    So currently the master pitch can be assigned to golden knob but its behavior is far from a correct pitch bend functionality.

    The idea is based on OP-1 approach but slightly improved.

    • So the golden knob would change the pitch up or down depending on the direction it is turned in. Its center position is the 0 pitch change. This is the current behavior.
    • The pitch glides back quickly to 0 immediately when (or 10-20 milliseconds after) the movement of the golden knob has finished.
    • When the golden knob is pushed it keeps the pitch until it gets released. This would emulate when the player holds the pitch wheel and plays further with the pitch change on a keyboard.

    1. How pitch bend functionality can be accessed? Should it repace the current master pitch assignment on golden knob? Or should it be a new feature accessible by one of the free pads?
    2. How is it possible to set range of pitch bend? Or sould it still be fixed to one octave?

  • All parameter changes affect all clones

    @amiga909 Good point.

    I think that in song view it's a performance-friendly feature of changing parameters on clip level. And this is also a good tool for applying temporary parameter changes on a clip which many people request as a new and missing feature (including myself until I realized how it could be easily done with current tools - and the suggestion of propagating parameter changes through cloned clips would definitely hurt this feature unfortunately).
    I think that a significant part of user base look at Deluge as a DAW in a box. Similar mistake what happened earlier by Octatrack (Ableton in a box). Even Ian also mentioned something similar in one of his ecstatic moments in an interview :) However it's not a DAW, it's far from being it.

    I think, Deluge is a clip based performance groove box, where clips are independent performance blocks of various instruments (presets), and each instrument (preset) can have only one active clip in the same time. That's the design principle behind it, that's my understanding. On the other hand Rohan tries to do the magic to make it work as a DAW-like sequencer, too, without hurting the original principle, and he managed to implement the arrangement view which turned to be a very great feature. On the other hand I doubt they will do an about-turn by making Deluge a DAW in a box :)

    Regarding parameters: it's a bit confusing UI that both clip-level and global parameters are present at the same level. For example all reverb settings are in the same column in grid pad though only amount is clip level while the other related parameters are global. This can be misleading for many users, I agree. A better separation of this tow groups of parameters may have helped the initial understanding and approach to the device. But I find it a UI issue. The principle of operation is there and it seems to me consistent.

    I still emphasize that a more advanced copy-paste functionality set would solve the issues this topic is about :)
    Like copy multiple parameter settings (not only for golden knobs) , paste to multiple clips (or paste to all clones or to clones on selected section in song view), copy-paste single/multi note settings, etc.)

  • My Deluge tracks

    Here's my video from DIY #3 festival. I'm glad that I had the opportunity to participate in that fun event.

  • Has odd time signatures been properly implemented yet?

    For non 4/4 time signatures you need to continuously count and calculate :) Whish we had much better support for it. There are several related topics on this forum.