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  • Midi! Midi! MIDI! (ProgramChange, access to Instant/Quantized launch/solo/mute via midi, cc ....)

    I'm absolutely delighted with the power, versatility and playfulness of the Deluge (WOW!), but rather frustrated with the limitations concerning MIDI access to essential functions through external midi gear. Here are some key recommendations which I think are essential:

    1. Midi Program change receive!: vital for those of us who use pedals (or other interfaces) to toggle through songs/programs during live setups.
    2. Access to both quantized and instant mute, solo, and launch of tracks in song mode. AN ABSOLUTE MUST for useful/musical external mdi control
    3. CC button support!
      1. More standardized midi implementation: this one has come up in the forums already, but is very important to ease workflow and save time. Saving songs as midi templates only partially solves the problem. I believe this is a conversation worth having again, and more in depth with the community.
  • Proper MIDI functionality? When?

    I love this little box, but I just cannot use it for live applications due to MIDI limitations.

    I wanted to know IF there are plans to address these issues and if so, WHEN they might be implemented.

    For the deluge to be viable in a live application with it has be able to interface with different midi devices: pedal, pc or midi controller that select target tracks, switch songs (via PC), have mixer-like access to levels, effects, global effects, launch (quantized and on unquantized) to name a few. The specific hurdles I've encountered are:

    • no program change receive
    • limited cc support in instruments
    • no access to (quantised or instant) mute, solo, and launch of tracks in song mode.
    • master effects are unasignable
    • no cc access to entire drum tracks volume, fx, etc.
    • limited cc control when it come to global parameters

    There are some "workarounds" but they are cumbersome and create additional problems. I'd really like to know if these limitations have something to do with the architecture, are there by design, or if the unit is just not supposed to be used in such a way.

  • Undo "Delete track" plz

    There is no undo/redo when you delete a track. Would be very handy to have

  • Proper MIDI functionality? When?

    Hey hey @amiga909 .

    We seem to be suffering the same pain. Having at least half of the above mentioned issues solved would already make a very big difference. To answer your questions:

    • Midi Program Changes should load songs. Or at least it would be great if they did.
    • "limited cc control when it comes to global parameters" is about default cc mappings. That's what I was referring to actually. Global midi parameters are limited. We're both looking for more extended default cc mappings.

    Some of this stuff is really basic and standard. Functions that most loopers (RC 300, 202, 505) as well as GrooveBox/ Samplers have (circuit, AKAI MPC's, DIGITAKT, etc...).

    I'm the kind of guy that likes to be monogamous when it comes to gear (especially the master unit of my setup). I decided to commit to this device.... But f I can't move forward with these midi issues, then I can't use it live.
    If I can't use it live, then I'll just have to move on :(

  • Proper MIDI functionality? When?

    @Icoustik said:
    Its a popular suggestion, and there will hopefully be a well thought-through solution in a future update :)

    I'll be keeping my fingers crossed ;)

  • Please read first before posting

    Hey hey! How do you create a new thread within this topic? I couldn't figure it out.