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  • In track view: mute and solo + solo for song view

    It would be very helpful if there is a mute and solo function in track view. I often need solo just to know what exactly happens in the track I'm currently editing - or if wanted (or unwanted) changes really belong to the track. A solo function in "song" view would be also very helpful.

    This could be done with 2 of the unused buttons in the grid. Maybe better: in track view shift+play=solo/unsolo, shift+one of the 8 mute/launch buttons=mute/unmute (like in song view). In song view a solo function could be done in the same way like in track view, but holding additional the desired track. A mute function is already there. :)

  • Please read first before posting

    @Ian_Jorgensen said:
    _Copy / load just one track in from another saved song (DONE)

    Could you please explain what kind of feature this is? I‘m still missing the important option to copy a track (including all events and all settings) from one song to another song. Unfortunately the implemented kind of copy/paste just „works“ if you do this step by step, but it’s not possible to copy a whole track at once.

  • Song view should work like Ableton Live's session view

    Exactly this I thought since I received the Deluge. Horizontal rows should be scenes and vertical rows should be tracks. With this you have a much better overview (about 16 tracks at once and less of this color confusion). The current song view is a bit unclear and needs a lot of space on the grid (track doubles, variations etc.).

    I would love to see this.. :)

  • Option for an effects tail when unarming a track

    I absolutely agree, too! The problem is that we currently audio mute the track when it gets unarmed, that's why all tails (FX, release) get cutted immediately (amd sometimes clicking). But in my opinion it should MIDI mute when unarming tracks, so the notes/FX could play until their end..

    Unfortunately Rohan seems to think that people want this cutting behaviour (I recognised it when this topic was discussed on FB), though I guess he is wrong...?

  • Cloned track with same synth

    @doodloo said:
    Please either document or opensource.

    What do you mean with „document“? Should there be a section in the manual that describes which parameter is affecting clones and which parameter doesn’t? I don’t think that this really helps, because this list has to be very complex. There is so much illogical stuff going on, that would be still too confusing for the user, because there are also exceptions for some parameters. Example:

    @amiga909 said:
    actually I agree, it is not clear for me either.
    cloned tracks are somehow only half-breed clones. params like synth mode or transpose affect other clones, params like cutoff not. likely all params assigned to a golden knob dont affect other clones. then again, for example delay type (via push function) changes for all clones.

    So the list must consider 4 different possibilities for each(!) parameter:
    A) there are parameters which aren’t affecting clones (like cutoff)
    B.) other parameters do affect their clones (like transpose)
    C) but if a B.) type parameter is assigned to a knob, it behaves like an A) type parameter
    D) but then again, other functions which are assigned to the knobs (like delay type) are affecting clones...

    I guess potentially customers which are reading the manual before buying, would be deterred completely. ;)

    @amiga909 said:
    yeah, that would be the expected behavior. all sound param changes should affect all clones. so a cloned track was just like a midi track routed to the same instrument. if i need specific params for a specific clone i can still record automation. thats the standard DAW way i guess.

    Yes, that’s the standard how sequencers are working. And there is a good reason for this. Since the Deluge allows per step automation it’s really easy to change a parameter quickly and precise for every clone which should sound different.

  • Midi PC

    A big +1... not just for live sets!