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  • Master Eq-Compressor-Limiter

    Hello! For live mastering purposes can you add these tools?

    1. Master EQ with side and mid option to be able to cut low frequencies on side and leave it on mid? (if not at least master EQ which could be visually displayed on pads, there are 16 points without zooming, seems enough)
    2. Master glue compressor.
    3. Master limiter.

    Or that is too much for Deluge?

  • Full EDM track made with Deluge. Factory Sounds.

  • Can Synthstrom hire sound designers to design more modern synth presets?

    Or the problem in Deluge synth engine that does not allow to sound modern?

    I have Digitakt, Digitone and Deluge. Deluge has some problems like it's general design, I think Elektron's latest boxes are better looking (ok ok it depends on each one's understanding of design...) but Deluge is better I think in its general use, it is more understandable..... but the synth presets (I'm not a sound designer, I'm into production and mixing) are very outdated....

    Is it only what I think?

  • Trance made with Deluge

  • Boards of Deluge #3 Patch Bank - 50 new presets available now! :)

    Your presets sound very nice. I bought one of them.
    Can you create some more modern sounding leads/plucks and pads? (for chillout and trance). Modern bass sounds also would be nice.

  • NEW: Boards of Deluge #4 Patch Bank is here!

    @jman81 said:
    ‼Boards of Deluge #4 Patch Bank is here‼ :)

    • New 50 patches for Synthstrom Audible Deluge

    I have part 3 and I bought part 4.

    I think Synthstrom should hire you as sound designer for Deluge. Maybe you'll send them an email?

  • Deluge is a great synth but development is too slow

    sounds: discussed in this forum before. The boards of deluge sets are great.

    I bought before some time the 3d edition of those presets, they sound nice.
    I also made some synth samples with Sylenth1 and added stereo width correction to sound well in the mix.... that is ok
    We have something, but in general it still lacks sounds

    what if they do not want to be the #1 synth company in the world?

    that is also ok, but I would have approach to the general concept like the USA and not like USSR.
    The company and its synth is not a goal, the goal is clients satisfaction. That is why I think I could ask improvements that seem for me in demand. And to be #1 is also not a bad idea, because Deluge is really unique device.

  • Deluge is a great synth but development is too slow

    I have Deluge, Digitone&Digitakt, MPC One and of course computer with logic pro x and I have bitwig also.
    I sent email to Synthstrom already, but I want to post the idea here.
    Deluge is really great, fast workflow after you learn it.
    But Deluge lacks some necessary features like stereowidth/second reverb/compressor. Also it has some problems with sound engine, sounds like synth from the past. Design - I would also like to have smth more stylish, modern looking.
    I like it also because of its size, it is compact, also I think they could make it more compact, since it has some more space inside to compress.

    What I think is that development of software (and hardware) is very very slow since they have only one person working on it. I understand, it is a boutique production etc.
    But I like Deluge and would like that it would be better both software and hardware. I think it would be better if they hire sound designers to create modern sounding drum kits and synths (maybe after improving synth engines).

    Of course you can stay as it is now, and everyone will have his answer on what I wrote.
    But I think if they push the software and hardware development forward Deluge could be #1 of hardware synths.

    Maybe they do not have money for development or maybe their strategy is different from what I think it should be... I do not know.
    Maybe they need some help from us, e.g. if you can create quality songs you need to advertise it to show people that Deluge is capable of big things and it would help Synthstrom to go further in development of software and hardware.... I do not know....