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Problem changing to 3.0 panel, help!

mbangmbang Gothenburg, SwedenPosts: 61

Hey all,

i´m in the process of switching to the new 3.0 panel but have stumbled upon a problem.

The 32 small M2 "bolts" that is used to fasten the PCB is difficult to loosen, i don´t know how to do it really.
I haven´t tried using much force yet, i thought i´ll ask around first.

What did you use to get them loose, so that you could attach them to the new panel instead? And how did you do it?

I can use pliers of some sort i guess, but it´s easy to wreck the tiny tracks and make the bolt unusable.

The instructions does not mention anything about removing and re-attaching them. :(


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    mbangmbang Gothenburg, SwedenPosts: 61

    Alright, got some info via facebook - apparently i did not get the pack of screws i should have received, this confused me and although i read the instructions it didn´t help. Now, it´s much clearer and i have some help from Synthstrom coming up i hope.

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    pbolgerpbolger ChristchurchPosts: 61

    Pliers? That sounds wrong. Don't! I don't think there were any screws included with mine.
    The M32 screws: They weren't that hard to undo for me (not half as bad as the allen keys in the knobs anyway). Some tips: Make sure you have the correct sized screwdriver. If you don't, go to an decent tool place and buy yourself one, preferably with a rotating bit on the end of the handle - this makes it much easier. If you find the screwdriver is jumping when you try to undo them chances are you have the wrong one, or it's worn.
    Put the Deluge on a towel or something soft but firm to undo them. Put all the screws in a cup. They are all the same size so you don't need to worry about keeping track of which goes where.
    When you do them up again, firm but don't overtighten. After you get them all in go around and check that you have actually tightened all of them ... it's easy to leave one or two loose.
    Good luck!

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