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Unfortunately the current deluge firmware 1.1.3 is neither able to sort sample files nor folders automatically in alpha-numeric order. I actually assumed up to yesterdays that it must be me who is doing something wrong, due to that nobody else seems to report this as bug or at least missing feature. After researching here on the forum I finally found some other Users at least mentioning this phenomena. Subsequently my observations & proposal:

Currently the files are displayed in the exact sequencial order the way they are placed into a folder in time. Moreover renaming files later cause them to be positioned at the very end of a folder when browsing the folder on the Deluge.

The behavior with folders is basically the same as with files, only that renaming folders does not move them at the end of the display list, which is good of course. However the folder sorting also seems to be linked to its timestamps when they were placed on the SD Card (equal to sample files), and unfortunately does not follow an automation rule.

Please implement an automatic alpha-numeric sorting functionality for files and folders in the file browser, so that users do not need to cope with chaotic file name displays like "72, 68, 67, 01, 02, 05, 04, ..", which happens if they do not place their files one by one in the correct time sequence of "01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, .." into the folders. This should best be implemented for folder names, too, to be sorted automatically in alpha-numeric order. This way renaming of files and folders should lead to a logical and expected behavior and in my mind cause a more relaxed sample searching :-)

Given that there are only 4 digits for displaying the data, I group sample packs with subfolders of typical shortcuts like "BD, DL, HH, OH, VOX, .." and inside these folders I rename the samples to display "01, 02, 03,.." on the Deluge. This way I feel working with samples seems more natural than leaving the folders and names as they are, because kind of hard to identify and navigate with those cryptic looking digits the Deluge sometimes makes out of the names on its display. Big thanks to Michael Bath who passed a free Software tool that should help renaming my sample packs (=Bulk Rename Utility) !
So far so good, meaning I have found my way of organizing and displaying so I can search easily for samples during music creation. But what I find disturbing for my filing concept is the lack of an automatic alphabetic or numeric ordering of the folder- and file names (as stated above).

Since I really need everything organized on the file browser, the alpha-numeric sorting function seems quite essential for my creative workflow, I hope this feature will find many voting-buddies ^^

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