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Show Pitch Value


When changing the pitch of all samples in a kit together using the gold knob there is no way to see how many semitones up or down you are pitching the samples.
It would be great if the display showed a value as you turn the knob. Perhaps in semitones?
I often resample my melodies and chop them into a kit. Id like to be able to pitch them up or down by exactly one octave, sometimes it is difficult to do that by ear.


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    hurdygurdyhurdygurdy Posts: 37

    If you want to repitch a sample in semitones, just use the transpose function. So shift transpose of that channel.

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    thehypnotist333thehypnotist333 USABeta Tester Posts: 27

    Yes I know that but lets say I have a kit of 16 samples I want to pitch down by 12 semitones. I can use affect entire to pitch the entire kit down but I cant see how many semitones Im pitching it down by... That is the purpose of this request.

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