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Arranger - Jump to correct track position when pressing a pad


I have a very long autonomous track in arranger. Every time I want do set a note and press from arranger one pad to enter the track view, it opens the track view and jumps to the beginning of the track. Then I have to scroll (zoom in and zoom out) to the position where I want to set my note.

Sometimes it is hard to find the right position and I need several tries (play/listen/stop/jump in /scroll/set new position/jump out/start arranger at position).

I would love if I could jump directly to the position of the track that correlates with the arranger pad position, that I pressed.

Odo Sendaidokai from Berlin


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    hurdygurdyhurdygurdy Posts: 37

    Very nice idea. Thus would be super useful for getting around in arranger view. +1

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    amiga909amiga909 Central EuropePosts: 1,078
    edited July 2019

    interesting idea. how to tackle this details problem? gritty nerdy details, sorry 😊
    by now the track resolution depends on the last setting in Song mode.
    in Arranger this is not the case, a resolution is set automatically to fit the entire clip, so if the clip is 1 bar, 1/16 resolution is chosen.
    so what resolution should be chosen for the feature in this thread?
    also, more often i want to edit from start. but the enter-track-view-by-pressing-tail workflow would make this impossible. also more rarely i might long notes that dont fit into a small resolution which is good for short notes.

    in another thread proposal was made for keeping resolution settings per clip, i like that.
    good idea this thread asks for. would also fit well to another wish i have: cycle mode in arranger that can set its start and end loop points anywhere, even in the middle of a clip.

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